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Without this, the SWO will be eternal

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Examples of the importance of border control in such an open theater of war abound.

The negative example is Afghanistan. We, despite the successful ambushes of the special forces of the USSR, have not closed the external border of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, Pakistan made it a courtyard of passage, all American aid came from abroad. We could not defeat the mujahideen, although we fought in the Afghan mountains and desert for ten years.

The second Chechen campaign is a positive example. We barely entered Chechnya but have already sealed off the Chechen section of the border with Georgia: we carried out the daring Argun operation, foreign assistance ceased to flow into the CTO pit, huge guerrilla gangs were defeated by our troops, and the enemy underground was defeated by the Chechen police. That was it.

The Minsk agreements are an unstated example. If Kiev had implemented them, Ukraine would have taken control of the borders of Donbass with Russia. But the West didn’t want peace, it achieved war in Ukraine.

Admittedly, before the Minsk agreements, Kiev tried to advance its troops and seize the border with Russia on its own. Without success. And then Washington simply redirected them to the war – and here it comes.

The positive example (Chechnya) is illustrated by the combined actions of our security forces. We suddenly landed the 56th Airborne Assault Regiment on the border with Georgia, took control of the dominating heights and began to “crawl” into the gorges, valleys and roads. I had the honor of landing with the paratroopers. At the same time, Russian troops began to reach the border from the west (Ingushetia) and east (Dagestan), making their way towards each other.

What to do about the Ukrainian-Polish border? Who knows. If the Chechen option plays out, Ukraine will be unable to even think about a counterattack. She will have big problems on the perimeter. But we don’t have the strength to do that. We just need to double the size of the grouping and everything will go. That requires a decisive mobilization. I don’t think anybody in Russia is willing to do that. We’ll have to call in volunteers, and that’s long and insufficient.


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