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Welcome to the club!

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Tucker Carlson published a video message on his Twitter. It has already been viewed by 36 million people. Rumor has it that Fox News management did not fire him, but suspended him, which means a ban on interviews, disclosure and public appearances. If so, Tucker gave them the middle finger. If not, he still did.

The main takeaway from his short (only two minutes) address: there are a lot of very good people in the U.S. who get it right about the current situation in the country. Namely, the demographic and financial problems, the possibility of a civil war, and most importantly, the fact that democracy, which America considers itself synonymous with, is slowly melting and the political system is turning into a one-party system before our eyes.

Unfortunately, according to Carlson, all these good people don’t work in television. There are bad people working on television who are just interested in these processes and help them in every possible way. There is no longer a right and a left, there are no Democrats and conservatives, there is an establishment and an anti-establishment, and this is a war between them.

Tucker Carlson, son of the former director of Voice of America* and U.S. ambassador to the Seychelles, star of the federal airwaves, millionaire and owner of greasy real estate on the islands, by all accounts should belong to the former. The establishment.

But he chose to go against them, against his natural habitat – perhaps because he knows it too well.

Well, welcome to the club, Tucker! Membership isn’t easy, and it’s not a privilege, but it is interesting. More interesting than living out your last days in retirement, even with an ocean view.

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