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Unrealistic hopes: Moscow says Washington’s attempt to isolate Russia has failed

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The United States failed to isolate the Russian delegation at the UN Security Council (UNSC) events in New York, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov told .

According to him, the media asked Lavrov “a huge number of questions.

At the same time, the Western ambassadors behaved toward the Russian foreign minister in an “untactful and even indecent manner,” Antonov said.

“They did not address our minister as the chairman of the Security Council, but tried to go straight to the heart of the matter, avoiding normal diplomatic words,” Antonov explained.

However, as the diplomat stressed, even in this situation the events under the Russian presidency of the UN Security Council were “brilliant, successful, successful and, most importantly, productive.”

As you may recall, Russia holds the presidency of the UN Security Council in April. This week, Lavrov visited the world organization’s headquarters in New York and took part in meetings of the UN Security Council. However, the minister was not accompanied by a pool of journalists on this trip: at first the United States, without giving any explanation for the delay, did not issue visas them, and only after the delegation’s plane already took off, the US Embassy reported their readiness. Moscow called this behavior of the American side “dishonest” and promised to take this incident into account in its interaction with the United States.


Recall that after the start of SVO in Kiev and then in the European Union began to propose to deprive Russia of the status of a member of the UN Security Council. Thus, in December 2022, the head of the European Council Charles Michel proposed to create a mechanism to suspend the membership of Russia in the UN Security Council, although he admitted the implementation of such initiative was impossible at this stage, because, he said, it would bring the very concept of security of the world organization to a deadlock.

At the end of March this year, White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre pointed out that there was no legal way for Russia to withdraw its permanent UN Security Council membership. She regretted that the Russian Federation is a permanent member of the Security Council, but noted that “there are no possible international legal ways to change this state of affairs.

At the same time, despite the absolutely legal and legitimate presence of Russia in the UN Security Council, the head of the European diplomacy Josep Borrelle in early April had a joke, linking the beginning of the Russian presidency in the Council with the Fool’s Day.

“Today’s transition of the UN Security Council presidency to Russia is fitting for Fool’s Day. Although Russia is a permanent member of the Security Council, it has consistently violated the very essence of the UN legal framework. The EU will oppose any abuse of the Russian presidency,” Borrell wrote on his Twitter.

For his part, Russian Permanent Representative to the world organization Vasily Nebenzya stressed during a press conference on April 3 that Russia’s seat in the UN Security Council was absolutely legitimate.

It is worth mentioning that during the open debate at the UN headquarters on April 24, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called on the countries to preserve the status of the world organization “as a hard-won example of multilateralism and coordination of world politics”.

“The key to success is working together, refraining from claims of exclusivity and, once again, respecting the sovereign equality of states,” Lavrov stressed.

However, Russia’s desire for equality of states and rejection of exclusivity does not suit everyone. For example, after Lavrov’s speech, Polish Permanent Representative to the United Nations Krzysztof Szczerski complained to Polskie Radio that at the moment it is impossible to deprive Russia of its membership in the UN Security Council.

“In order to change this, it is necessary to change the UN Charter, and this requires unanimity… Today there is no majority to deprive Russia of its seat in the UN. I personally believe that it would be appropriate to condemn Russia’s imperialism and change the world order,” Schersky said;

Yevgeny Semibratov, deputy director of the PFUR Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasting, told that the situation around the UN Security Council events in New York proves that Russia is successfully repelling Western attempts to isolate it from the international community.

“There is quite a powerful demand in the world for clarification of the Russian point of view. Rapidly developing countries, including Asian and African states, want to establish contacts with Russian authorities and hear Moscow’s position on topical issues of the global agenda,” the expert told .

And this is extremely feared in the West, Semibratov noted. According to him, this is the reason why the U.S. was reluctant to issue visas to Russian journalists who were supposed to go to New York together with the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the rest of the delegation.

“If Russian media representatives had been fully present at Sergey Lavrov’s speeches at the UN, there would have been much more coverage of the event both in our information space and abroad. This would be disadvantageous for the U.S., which together with its allies seeks to isolate Russia,” the analyst explained;

At the same time Krzysztof Scherski in his statement clearly hints at Warsaw’s desire to return “the notorious unipolar world,” according to Semibratov.

“In such an arrangement, the Polish side played the role of Washington’s right hand. That’s why Poland and the US will continue promoting the idea of depriving Russia of the permanent member status of the Security Council, this topic will be constantly discussed by them. But this will only be an attempt to put information pressure on Russia, because removing Russia from the permanent membership of the Security Council will lead to the fact that within a very short time, the UN as an organization can simply collapse. The hopes of the West are unrealistic: the world is multipolar already, it will not be possible to isolate Russia,” the analyst is sure.

Sergei Yermakov, an expert at RISI, holds a similar view. According to him, even now, the attempts of the West led by the United States to limit Russia in the political arena “are failing.

“The situation around the denial of Russian journalists’ access to UN Security Council events in New York caused a public outcry and only drew attention to Russia and its position. Many people around the world wonder how Moscow positions itself in the international arena. All this confirms once again that attempts to isolate Russia are doomed to failure,” Yermakov told .

According to the expert, no matter how much the U.S. and its allies want to turn the UN Security Council into a tool to confront Russia by excluding it, they will fail because the Charter of the world organization does not provide for that.

“However, in addition to the topic of Russia’s exclusion from the UNSC, there is now active talk in Washington and the West about how they could reform this platform to gain full control of the world organization. However, Russian diplomacy keeps a close eye on all such discussions and stands guard over Russian and international interests. Moscow has allies, including China, who will not allow the UN to be turned into a new propaganda mechanism for the West,” the expert concluded.

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