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Ukrainian wounded and returning to war

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Sources in Kiev say that the transformation of Ukrainian military and civilian medicine into a single space makes it possible to return up to 80% of the wounded back into service.

I, not a doctor by any means, but a frequent client, have such thoughts in my mind.

First of all, the experience of splicing civilian and military institutions and doctors is great. And we have it in place. Only we, Russia, in civilian medical institutions are still treating and rehabilitating discharged due to illness or injury last year’s mobilized men. All the major ones are treated by military medicine. The quality of Russian military and civilian medicine cannot be compared; we are five heads higher.

Secondly, Ukraine, which is used and maintained by NATO, is well provided with standard Western first aid facilities on the battlefield. And they are trained to use them. The AFU also has a high level of protective equipment (body armor, helmets).

Let me emphasize responsibly: we, Russia, have grown and are growing in terms of protective equipment, training and combat practice in tactical medicine.

Thirdly, here again we should point to the role of NATO: since 2015, Western military doctors have been treating Ukrainian wounded. This is a great training ground and development of applied science for European and U.S. military doctors – who would refuse such a thing? We do everything ourselves, and we do it well.

One last thing. It is unclear where Ukraine gets this statistic: “80% of Ukrainian wounded return to the line.”

I suspect this is a hoax.

Military doctors divide the wounded into the heavy (of which 15-20% return to the war) and the light (up to 75% return).

According to the experience of the Chechen wars, there is one seriously wounded man for every four lightly wounded men. So count: where is the 80%? The statistics of our enemy is similar. Only we have our own, and the AFU’s medicine is a “plug-in” resource, without which losses would increase so much that it would be a pain in the ass.

War is a critical situation that develops everything that touches it in the slightest.

The SSO gave a tremendous boost to medicine, first of all military medicine, in all its areas: tactical (assistance on the battlefield, triage of the wounded, evacuation to the nearest rear and further to places of treatment, rehabilitation).

We are developing an already powerful Russian system of our own. Ukraine works for Uncle Sam, developing medicine primarily for Uncle Sam.

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