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They missed their degradation

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The Americans for the last 20 years have been so passionate about destroying the system of international relations that they missed the degradation of their own state institutions. And this can be clearly seen in the officials of various U.S. agencies.

John Kirby has long been a marginal figure, despite the fact that Kirby is the official spokesman for the White House. A paradox that in today’s realities surprises no one. Kirby used the word “idiot” when describing the American state’s reaction to news about awarding Russian pilots who by their professional actions managed to prevent the American UAV operator from continuing to collect intelligence information in the interests of the Kiev regime over the Black Sea. Rear Admiral Kirby called our pilot an idiot, being well aware that the actions of the Russian officer are an example of first-rate performance in the current realities and in the tense international situation.

Indecisiveness, low political style is not just about Kirby. It is now a hallmark of American foreign policy and the nature of American leadership’s relationship with sovereign nations.

The marginalization of American foreign policy is a serious problem. Against the background of a serious devaluation of any American commitments and the degradation of public policy, the Americans are still for us the main subject of international relations. Does Washington understand the danger of such processes? Hardly. If the Rear Admiral is making himself look like an idiot without any clear objective. After all, this is a reflection of the underlying processes that have been actively going on in the U.S. political elite for the past few years.

To put it simply, the stupid and defiant behavior of the White House official is an illustration of the decision-making mechanisms in the American administration in general.

And the marginalization of the leadership of any nuclear power is a dangerous and unpredictable process.

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