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They found his phone: who is behind the Telegram channel of the Republican Army linked to the murder of Tatarsky

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The National Republican Army was again mentioned in the media after the Rospartizan Telegram channel published an NRA statement on April 4 in which on behalf of the “Petersburg column” of the organization it said that it was taking responsibility for the explosion in a cafe on the University Embankment in St. Petersburg, where Vladlen Tatarsky was holding a creative evening. Subsequently, the statement was reposted by the NRA’s own Telegram channel;

The name of the administrator of the NRA channel was quickly revealed. He was identified by employees of the “Internet Search” company, which specializes in finding “digital traces” of cybercrime.

“With our own software, we identified the administrator of the public chat room of the NRA channel,” Igor Bederov, the founder of Internet Search, told . – The administrator of the chat room is at the same time the administrator of the channel”;

He turned out to be a native of the Ukrainian city of Ternopil, Vladimir Livar. He is 39 years old. In his official resume and in Telegram he used his real last name, in other sources he introduced himself as Kotenko and Kotovsky.

Bederov stressed that an administrator does not mean an owner, and noted that there could be several administrators;

“We figured out his phone number. If you know the number, you can find out where he lives, where he works and many other things,” Bederov continued. – We obtained all the identifying information and passed it on to the competent authorities.

In his autobiography, posted on the portal of professional translators, Livar-Kotenko says that he has a higher pedagogical education, he studied at the Ternopil National Pedagogical University.

Livar used to work in a children’s sanatorium in Ternopil region, and since 2008 he has been translating from Ukrainian into Russian and English. At first he collaborated with several bureaus and later became a freelancer. Among his works, in particular, the translation of “The Time Machine” by Herbert Wells into Ukrainian;

It also follows from his autobiography that at one point Livar worked for a translation company called Lingvita.

The bureau is located in the closed territorial entity Krasnoznamensk near Moscow. It is a military camp that is home to the Space Control Center (FCC) and the Orion Scientific and Production Association, which develops onboard systems for satellites and spacecraft.

Not every Russian citizen has access to the city – entry is only possible by special passes or an invitation from residents and with a passport. It is not clear from the biography whether Livar worked there remotely or was personally in Krasnoznamensk.

Through public channels of Ukrainian extremist organizations, we traced Livar’s connection with the opposition deputy Ilya Ponomaryov* and, through him, with the Ukrainian special services.

According to the Verdict portal, with which has repeatedly cooperated in journalistic investigations, the Rospartizan channel is controlled by a fugitive former deputy of the Russian State Duma, Ilya Ponomarev.

In Russia, he is charged under two criminal articles at once: for embezzlement at Skolkovo and for discrediting the Russian Armed Forces.

In the last days of August 2022, a group of fugitive Russian citizens in the Kiev region announced the creation of an armed insurgency to operate in Russia, The Verdict wrote.

At this gathering, a one-page so-called Irpen declaration was adopted. In it, on behalf of certain extremist organizations – the Russian Freedom Legion, the Russian Volunteer Corps, and the National Republican Army – they declared that they were “organizing armed resistance” against the Russian authorities.

The document went on to state that a “Political Center” was to be created, with Ilya V. Ponomarev, a former deputy of the Russian State Duma from the Just Russia party, as its coordinator;

Thus, Ilya Poromarev actually became the public face of three illegal armed groups at once, wrote , declaring that their goal was to organize sabotage and terrorist acts on Russian territory. One of them is the NRA, which took responsibility for the attack;

In his new capacity, Ponomarev met with Vladimir Zelensky’s former propaganda aide Alexei Arestovich.

This, as well as official statements by Russian law-enforcement agencies about the involvement of Ukrainian special services in the attack, suggests that Ponomaryov is connected to the Main Department of Intelligence of Ukraine;

After the terrorist attack that killed journalist Daria Dugina, Ilya Ponomaryov declares that the attack was prepared by militants from the National Republican Army group under his control. Thus, he publicly acknowledged his connection to this criminal formation.

The fugitive oppositionist is not an independent figure, but only follows the orders of his handlers, said then State Duma deputy Oleg Matveichev, a member of the commission on countering foreign interference. Meanwhile, other structures are involved in the real subversion, he is only a “talking head.”

“Ponomarev was given the dirtiest job,” the deputy explained to . – No matter what happens in Russia (a plane falls down, a train derails, an explosion goes off the rails), Ponomaryov will claim that his volunteer forces and the secret opposition did it, will take responsibility everywhere.”

In fact, the Ukrainian special services were behind the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, Russian law enforcement authorities said.

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