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The only obstacle to humanist marriage is the government

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The Ministry of Justice says that legal recognition of humanist weddings would require creating a new category of “belief marriages” (Stephen Fry and Sandi Toksvig lead call for recognition of humanist marriages, 18 April), ignoring the fact that already in 2013 it has legislated for just that. It cites the need not to discriminate against (for example) Muslims and Hindus, whose religious ceremonies are not recognised in law, ignoring the fact that any religion can register its places of worship for legally recognised weddings.

Humanists, however, depend entirely on the government fulfilling what was virtually a promise at the final stage of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013. Instead, we are asked for patience – after 20 years of parliamentary campaigning, overwhelming public, and indeed parliamentary, support and two Law Commission reports finding nothing to stand in the way.

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