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The feat of children and the story of a fashionable janitor: Treasures of the Partisan Forest, Jura the janitor and other films are being released

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Director Ari Aster skillfully combines cinematic techniques from different genres in his films in a manner unique to him. Like his earlier films (Solstice and Reincarnation), All Fears of Bo combines mystical elements with psychological drama to reveal the character’s inner world.

The anxious Bo, played by Joaquin Phoenix, is scared of everything. However, he has to go to his mother’s funeral. The journey turns into an epic adventure for the hero, during which his darkest fears come out.

The main theme of the film, according to the director, is guilt, which leaves Bo stuck in his own world.

“Playing with the hero’s story has always been something of a risk. But it’s also a movie about an unlived life. The action takes place in a cartoon world, which is supposed to be a mirror image of ours,” Astaire told Vox. – It’s a film about guilt – it’s so obvious that there’s nothing to explain. It’s about a man who is really trapped inside himself, really trapped inside himself.

The action of Ainur Askarov’s war drama takes place near Stalingrad in 1942. Three young soldiers are waiting to be sent to the front in a newly formed unit. One of them, Lubomir Zukh, falls in love with a local girl, Maria-Teresa. A fierce battle is taking place in the town, and the soldiers urgently need to go to the front for help. Zuch, wishing to say goodbye to his beloved, briefly leaves the field camp. But during his absence, he is recognized as a deserter and sentenced to death.

The film is based on the story of the same name by the Soviet and Bashkir poet and playwright Mustay Karim, published in 1986. It is based on a true story that was witnessed by the author himself. The film raises moral questions about duty, following orders and humanity.

Shooting took place near Minsk and partly near St. Petersburg. The central roles were played by Alexander Novikov, Djamilya Mudarisova, Gela Meskhi, Nikolai Galliamov and Yevgeny Mikheev.

The film was presented at the 45th Moscow International Film Festival as part of the program “Russian Premiers”. Read more about the film in the material of .

War adventure drama by Yuri Ilyin (TV series “The Loop of Time”, “Seven Pairs of Unclean”) based on the script by Tatiana Firsova (“Simple Truths”, “Institute for Noble Maidens”) was filmed for the anniversary of the Great Victory over fascism.

The action of the tape begins in June 1941, on the eve of the declaration of war. In a small town museum, an exhibition of the decorations of Imperial Russia is on display, showing a collection of ancient coins and medals. After the town is attacked by German troops, the director of the museum takes the exhibits and flees in a truck with his children. However, the driver intends to take the treasures for himself. At the same time, the Germans and the police hunt for them. Along the way, the children lose their mother and seek help from local partisans.

“The most important thing in this film is to show that not only adults were heroes during the war, but children were also fearless and helped in the fight against the Germans. Indeed, there were a lot of child heroes during the Great Patriotic War. The characters in the film had a choice, and they made the right one”, – the ArtMoscow portal quotes actress Elena Zakharova.

Filming took place in the town of Kasimov Ryazan region. The children were played by Vasilisa Nemtsova and Pyotr Nechiporenko.

Jackie Chan delights fans as a martial arts master in Larry Yang’s dramatic-comedy action film.

In the story, stuntman Lao Lo, who has an unconventional companion, the stallion Red Hare, is going through a difficult time because of his debts. He can’t take care not only of his pet, but also of himself. When Lo discovers his friend is in danger of being sold at auction, he enlists the help of his daughter and her lawyer lover. The reluctant debt collectors and some powerful men who are hunting him are not going to wait and use their own methods to get the money back. The moment of a fight between Lo and the Red Bunny goes viral on the social networks and captivates users. Lo gets a second chance at a happy life.

On IMDb the film scored 7.2 out of 10 and on Rotten Tomatoes it got an 82% audience score. One critic said it was Jackie Chan’s most emotional and heartbreaking work.

The plot of the comedy film by Vitaly Dudka (“Who’s there?”) is inspired by a true story that happened to Ufa people photographer Roman Filippov and janitor Yuri Vetlugin, who became the man of the year according to the magazine GQ. Dmitry Kiryushkin, a debutant in feature films, wrote the script for the film.

The story centers around a photographer, Roman, who, after unsuccessful attempts to find work in the capital, returns to his native Ufa. There he meets a cheerful and good-natured janitor Yuri, disabled group III, at the mercy of fraudsters was in debt. Roman decides to help him raise money. He takes a picture of the man in GQ style and uses Photoshop to put it on the cover of a trendy magazine. The footage goes viral and the janitor’s story has an unexpected resonance.

The role of Yuri was played by Anton Kuznetsov, and Roman’s role was played by Denis Vlasenko. In addition, Tatiana Dogileva, Nelly Uvarova, Gosha Kutsenko, and Ida Galich starred in the project.

“I immediately liked this role – it’s a different person with different qualities, not what I usually play. I had heard about Yura’s story and even attended that very GQ award. But I was not familiar with Roma. Before the filming I read about him, but we only crossed paths on the set”, – said Vlasenko to the magazine “”.

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