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Stabbed in the back: Commentator Genich quarrels with Rostov over his assessment of the Spartak episode

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After the 25th round of the Russian Premier League between Spartak and Rostov, which ended 1-1 thanks to a goal by Alexander Sobolev in extra time, there was another scandal. But Kirill Levnikov was not the main referee, although it was with claims against him from the visitors’ coaching staff, but the commentator Konstantin Genich.

At the end of the meeting, the press service staff Rostov in the club Telegram channel posted fragments of the confrontation, in which in the compensated by the second half minutes there are clashes between the opponents, but the referees do not react to them in any way. “We suggest we review this beautiful episode, which says it all. And let’s also remember how Rostov is being pulled because of Karpin,” the message under the video says.

Genich, who commented on the match over the weekend, decided to respond to the post on his social networks. He noted that he understands the emotions of the head coach of the South, but if in the first case the referee could have whistled, in the second, according to him, it was a normal struggle at speed.

“By no means do I want to justify Karpin or any other mentor when you see something like that and it blows your mind. Since I have to try on a coaching suit now, the feeling that all the whistles are against your team is a given. Any contact in a 50/50 or even 60-40 situation – the demons come out, and you start swearing at the referees. There’s nothing you can do about it. You feel like this for about 30-40 minutes, then it goes away. But the feeling of injustice remains,” noted Konstantin.

For example, the specialist posted a video of 2021, where, in a match between Rostov and Zenit, after a similar tackle the ball was scored in the goal of St. Petersburg. However, the Don players did not seem to like this assessment of the situation very much, and they switched from criticizing Levnikov to Genich.

This time there was posted video of the episode in the 39th minute of the meeting with Spartak, when Sobolev rudely ran into Langovic Andrei. According to the commentator, it was also a game moment. The club, however, saw his words as biased because the specialist had recently received a gift from the Red and White.

“Kostya, a bomber – it is, of course, good. But it would be better if they also gave him glasses”, – signed the video of the episode in “Rostov”.

You can not say that the joke succeeded, since the commentator has been wearing glasses for a long time, but it clearly put Genich out of the equilibrium. In response, he published an indignant post in which he expressed his disappointment with the behavior of the club.

“As much as I love you – go to hell. And that’s a mild way of putting it. And I know who concocted that post. It’s shallow. You see the field the same way you look for enemies on the outside. Especially in my face. Fighting for a spot in the top three is a little nerve-wracking and turns your attention the wrong way. Count your penalties and go to bed. And yes, I’ve been wearing glasses for a long time, in case you haven’t noticed. I can see better through them than you can. Good luck in the next matches,” Genich wrote.

He added that he understands the fans who operate with emotions, but not the club, which is in second place and lays claim to the commentator for the episode in the center of the field.

“It’s a shtick. Bomber was brought in as well… Ugh, damn… disappointment. The black list will be added to today. “Like the land behind the collective farm,” Genich wrote.

Continuing the theme, he posted a photo with a Spartak bomber and some points. “Rostov”, however, again joked: “Konstantin, just do not choose the ones in which you watched our match with “Ural”, – wrote in social networks. This was a reference to the match of the 24th round, when the commentator did not see the Don goal, but after that publicly apologized for the mistake.

Everything that was happening, it seems, eventually hurt Genic very much. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain the specialist’s latest attack on Rostov on the YouTube channel Komment.Show.

“I wish the team that missed out on a win to lose in the remaining five games. I sincerely wish it. These are people that I’ve always gone out of my way to meet, that I’ve had great conversations with, and they poked me in the back like this. I don’t know if it’s a pitchfork. I take it that SMM couldn’t do this without sanctions. I am accused of being biased against a club that I have had a sincere sympathy for for years. And the club from the banks of the Don is well aware of this. And we communicated and continued to communicate until yesterday very nicely and very warmly. So, it seems to me, I do not deserve such a post, “- said the commentator.

Against the backdrop of the Rostov situation, Genich also managed to quarrel with Timur Zhuravel. He attacked his colleague because he had posted a caustic commentary on his answer to one of his users on his social network, calling his worries pointless.

“Here’s the interesting thing, right? That the best commentator in the country admits that some ill-mannered stranger is right,” wrote Zhuravel. Later, after the altercation, he added: “It seems that I underestimated Kostya’s emotions after the Rostov jokes. The jokes are cheap and inappropriate. Know, Kostya, that you are the best. It’s just that big commentators, broadcasting to the whole country, sometimes get kolhozny untalented humor, “- wrote Zhuravel.

On Tuesday, May 2, Genich finally stepped back and hastened to explain himself, as he felt ashamed for letting the dogs down on his colleague. Konstantin apologized to him. Also, the commentator admitted that he showed too much emotion in his last reaction to the post, which published the Rostov, and did not want to offend the club fans.

“For the response I am not ashamed, but uncomfortable, unpleasant. That’s the kind of person I am – I flare up quite quickly. Maybe I was wrong when I said that I wished Rostov to lose the remaining matches. No, I don’t. If you’ll be in the top three, I`ll be happy for you. If you don`t – then you`re not worthy. I wish you good luck in the next matches”, – said Genich.

He confessed, however, that he was astonished at the club’s behavior. Not only did he help Rostov to solve some questions and receive some thanks for that, but immediately after the game he confirmed in his private correspondence with one of his employees that he did not deny his words about the “game episode” in the broadcast.

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