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Singers are not loved for their politics. They are taken advantage of

Photo by Josh Barwick on Unsplash

In Ufa there are graffiti, on which the singer-no-agent Zemfira* is depicted. Ufa is her hometown. The other day the graffiti read, “This bitch has no homeland.

And no one rushed to paint it over, and left these words under Zemfira’s face as a painting of life itself, which flows, flows – and suddenly shows what is what.

The inscription is in tune with the main line from the singer’s last song, “They’ll teach you to love your motherland, you cunt,” which she wrote while she was in voluntary exile in France. And immediately she received such an answer from her countrymen. This answer is very different from the words that were written to Zemfira on YouTube: “Genius! We’re waiting in Dnipro!” I feel like saying, “You won’t wait” and explaining why, but I’d rather tell you about metamorphosis that happened to her talent. And in a way, I’m even grateful to Zemfira: if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have understood an important thing.

I, of course, listened to the singer’s new song about her homeland. As I listened, at one point I caught myself touching the screen to check: “How much longer is she going to sing?” Getting bored, I didn’t press “stop” in the middle only because I could hear the descending notes of her voice, which were very familiar to me, and took me back to the days when I listened to this singer. I didn’t find anything else in the song. And when the faded voice finished uttering a set of political phrases, I wondered to myself: “That’s it?”

And that’s when I realized something important.

“This bitch ain’t got no motherland” is actually a powerful phrase. It’s more powerful than the whole song. It’s a shame to get that one. It hurts, by the way.

Why so, Russians? You loved and loved, and now you’re calling her a cunt? After great love, people’s dislike can leave holes in the soul.

And although none of the runaway “stars” will admit it, there is no doubt that the sudden dislike hurt them, riddled them, hurt them. And for a creative person, such a thing is downright emotional death. And so in order to save himself, he has to look for other sources of love. A political statement can be one of them. Those who agree with the statement will come running after you – to declare their love. But here is where the trap opens.

Well, let’s remember the people who, calling themselves singers or artists, parasitized political statements. There are plenty of examples, I won’t list them all. And all of these people were mostly untalented. And they resorted to political expression in order to assert themselves. And they had no other opportunities because of their lack of talent. But this is not about the singer Zemfira.

She was an undeniable talent. And now she has joined the ranks of untalented people: she makes statements that are not colored by creativity, the spirit of art, just to stay afloat in human attention and at least somewhere to drink, drink, drink the poison that she takes for love.

But love for the flight of the soul that creativity gives.

Singers are not loved for their politics. They are taken advantage of.

Yes, come to Dnieper, Zemfira. They are waiting for you there. But not in Ufa.

That’s what I realized: you lose your homeland, you lose people’s true love – and you yourself begin to slowly, systematically destroy your talent. That’s how it works. That is the mechanism. Thanks to Zemfira – she showed me clearly.

And someone there, in the comments on YouTube, decided to support her with lines from Yegor Letov, saying that it was on topic. But the opposite effect happened. Just read these lines out loud.

I have seen birds, unfolded with a rusty axe.
I have seen a dream that the general cursed.
I have seen roofs rolled over with my boot.
I have seen a dead body that looks exactly like me.

You just compare it to the empty “poetry” of the new, helpless Zemfira.

Can you feel the difference between talent and emptiness? Between a person who, despite her claims, has a homeland, and a person who no longer has one.

* Included in the register of foreign agents by decision of the Russian Ministry of Justice of 10.02.2023..

The author’s point of view may not coincide with the position of the editorial board.

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