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Papadakis and Hubbell’s idea, a rival for Zagitova and Tuktamysheva’s memories: what the figure skating world is discussing

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Last week Kamila Valiyeva turned 17. The figure skater celebrated her birthday in her native Kazan, where Eteri Tutberidze’s show “Champions on Ice” took place on that day. But first she visited local Zenit volleyball center. Team players Ilya Fedorov, Alexander Volkov, Artyom Volvich and Maksim Mikhailov, and coach Alexey Verbov congratulated Kamila on her birthday and presented her and her mother with flowers. In addition, they invited the skater to two matches of the final series of the Russian championship with Dynamo Moscow, and Mikhailov gave her his game shirt.

“I’m kind of small compared to you,” Kamila laughed during a joint photo shoot.

During the show, of course, Valiyeva was also congratulated on the holiday. On the Tatneft Arena’s video booth a video was shown, telling the story of becoming an athlete, and then the birthday cake was brought to the ice. After the performance, most of the participants went to the restaurant party. The celebration concluded with fireworks.

The athlete admitted that she is always warmly welcomed in Kazan – as if every spectator knows her personally for many years.

“In Tatarstan they treat me like their granddaughter. It’s very pleasant and a little unusual for me. At times I’m even embarrassed. You come to an event, you meet an official, and he asks you how you’re doing, talks to you in a fatherly way,” the Beijing Olympic champion in the team event told Business Online.

In addition, the figure skater admitted that ready to compete in the next Games if Russian athletes are allowed to compete.

“But I don’t like to think ahead. When you announce it loudly, it usually doesn’t come true. Now I just want to show my skating and keep going,” Kamila said.

Alina Zagitova also visited her childhood memory places as a part of her team’s tour. She held a demonstration training session for children in Almetyevsk, where she began her figure skating career. The family of the future Olympic champion moved there when Alina was five years old.

“For me, it’s not just a master class, but something more… After all, I came to a special place: my childhood passed here! You can even say that it was thanks to this ice that I became an Olympic champion. Thanks to such events you feel the importance of sport development, and today it was a holiday not for children, but for me – and it’s invaluable”! – wrote the figure skater in her Telegram channel.

She also wished the young athletes to make their dreams come true and become Olympic champions. And the next day the whole Tutberidze’s team left for Ufa.

“So, the “Survival” rubric. We’re already on the bus, we’re six to seven hours away. And yesterday the fans gave me a pillow. God, I’ve never been so happy about a pillow. Thank you so much, you are my most favorite,” Zagitova shared.

And while Alina is traveling around the country with the show, promoter Vladimir Khryunov does not lose hope of organizing a boxing match for her. The idea of inviting Olga Buzova as a rival apparently failed, but he intends to replace her with a girl “with a similar media personality.

“It’s not going to be a singer, but she does boxing. We talked to her recently. We’ll tell you the name when we sign everything. I’m talking to the sponsors now. We’ll decide,” Legalbet quoted Khrunov as saying.

Alexandra Stepanova performed in public for the first time after the birth of her child. The two-time Russian champion took part in an open rehearsal of Ilya Averbukh’s show “Favorite songs about important things” together with her partner Ivan Bukin. The couple performed a part of the program to the song “Tenderness”, with which they plan to go on ice on May 4 in the capital’s “Megasport”.

“We were insanely happy to see each other at our first practice. I remember it very well because it happened already with a new team, the experience was new from all sides. And new coaches, and a new rink. Vanya had a great experience this year, he was completely different for himself, he came in a different way, even with a new hairstyle. I also changed my hair in some way, and now we meet. May 4th will be our first performance, I think it will be very exciting – at least for me, for sure. We hope very much that we will show a gentle number, where everyone will remember that you can and should dream”, – “Championship” quotes Stepanova.

The figure skater became a mother in late March and returned to training after just a month. According to Bukin, the two missed working together very much.

“We agreed that we would go out and skate quietly, recover, not hurry anywhere, but it does not work that way – you are so charged, so much emotion, that you go out and work, and three hours later you are like, “Let’s go rest a little bit.” Somehow here you earn, that come to think that you adore this business and really missed it,” the skater said in commentary to “Match TV”.

In turn, Ilya Averbukh was pleased that his project will be the first performance of the pair after almost a year’s break.

This is one of the highlights of our show, you will see the amazing duo back on the ice together. I’m thrilled that such a definite comeback is happening in my project. Of course, the guys have a huge road ahead of them, they will skate in different shows, but the fact that the return is happening here is very important to me,” noted the choreographer and director.

Yevgenia Medvedeva will take part in Averbukh’s show in May and she will perform with Alexander Enbert. Especially for this project for the skaters, who used to skate together in the performance “Anna Karenina”, a new program was put together.

“It’s interesting for me as a girl to go out and skate the whole number, you could say sporty. It’s going to be quite difficult, for me personally it will be a challenge, so keep an eye on how we’re doing it. I think in a couple of shows we’ll finally roll out and everything will be beautiful. In the meantime, we’ll hold the intrigue,” said the two-time world champion.

Meanwhile the athlete visited the pupils of a Moscow school within the “Lesson with the leader” project. Evgeniya shared her views on the training, as well as gave the younger generation some motivating advice.

“Sometimes it makes me a little sad that I spent my entire childhood training and didn’t have classmates as such. I look at you and think, ‘I wish I could go to school every day, sit at a desk, feel what it’s like. That’s why I love school, in my time, it’s like I missed it,” the figure skater admitted.

Medvedeva noted that in life you can achieve a lot by persistence and hard work. She stressed that you should not stop before difficulties: if something didn’t work, you should try again.

“If you fail once, twice, three times, ten times, you will succeed at the 15th. And if even then it doesn’t work, you have to think about it and change something in your tactics. This works in all aspects of life. Learn, dream, work hard and you will succeed! – concluded the vice-champion of the 2018 Olympics.

And a little later, the famous figure skater pleased fans with a new photo shoot. She appeared in a tight white outfit with a hood with sequins and net tights. She had long white bunches on her eyelashes.

“White fashion post,” the girl signed the post on social media.

Alexei Yagudin, who won the Russian Challenge show tournament in March, told how important it was for him to perform a triple toe loop at these competitions. According to the Salt Lake City Olympic champion, physically it is not so difficult for him to perform this element, as psychologically. The problem is fear.

“It’s just like the Olympics of that time, only now! Only then it was a quadruple, now it’s a triple. I have strength, of course. I have a creaky hip and a very sore knee, plus fear. And under fear you have cotton legs, you’re afraid that you won’t jump now,” Alexei shared.

The skater said that his wife Tatyana Totmyanina even criticized him for excessive fixation on this jump, but he could not help it.

“This is already a clinic -I didn’t want to let down, or some said that I can’t skate. “Let him keep sitting there, commenting.” I wanted to prove that I still had enough powder and the matches weren’t completely wet. I wanted to overcome the fear – everything worked out,” Yagudin stressed in a conversation with Sport24.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva shared the story of the most unusual autograph she ever gave. According to the Empress, she signed ketchup and mustard for figure skater Betina Popova.

“And that was probably the most unique painting I’ve ever done, because we met Betina then. She asked me for my autograph. We were already on the same page at the time – literally half an hour later. And instead of finding a pen, I took a napkin and did a ketchup painting and a mustard painting. That’s the story. And after that we became best friends”, – said Tuktamysheva in her Telegram-channel.

In addition, the athlete shared which day from the past she would like to go to. It turned out to be the stage of the 2019 ISU Grand Prix in Las Vegas, and more specifically, the evening after the performance. After the competition, Elizaveta went for a walk with Dmitry Aliev, Stanislava Konstantinova and Roman Savosin.

“I got an insane amount of emotions because everything was so bright there, so new. I probably haven’t felt this excited in a long time. We got together in good company, it was fun, we rode something from rooftop to rooftop, flying – I don’t remember what to call it. There were a lot of emotions, so I would like to go back to that time and live that day again” – confessed Tuktamysheva.

Olympic champion Gabriela Papadakis and two-time Olympic medalist Madison Hubbell have decided to perform a together dance program. This way, the famous athletes plan to convince the International Skating Union (ISU) of the need to allow performances of same-sex duets. Previously, the rules stipulated that a male and a female duo or a dance duo would be permitted, but now the term will be “two skaters. As explained by Skate Canada, this change is aimed at eliminating discrimination “based on gender identity.

Alexei Zheleznyakov called Papadakis and Hubbell’s initiative crazy. Tatiana Tarasova was not impressed by this impulse either.

“I wouldn’t be interested in watching it. I like classic boy-girl duets. It’s all nonsense, there is no gender discrimination in figure skating. Get in a pair with a boy and work”, – said the famous coach.

However, there were those who liked the proposed idea. And commentator of Elena Vaitsekhovskaya said that there have been only female duets in synchronized swimming for many years and this does not bother anyone. In her opinion, one should not be surprised by the attempt to invent something new, to somehow diversify the familiar, even if it goes against the established stereotypes.

“Some people, I know, are still puzzled by the question: why is there hurdling in the Olympic athletics program, but no sack race? And don’t you agree, it’s completely impossible to find any coherent arguments to answer it. That’s just the way it is. And I would watch Papadakis with interest even if she would go on ice with a foam rubber stuffed Cicero,” joked the Olympic champion in her Telegram-channel.

This view was supported by the head coach of Russian national team in synchronized swimming Tatiana Pokrovskaya.

“Why not. Of course, it could be interesting. In synchronized swimming the girls have been performing together for a long time. They should give it a try. I’m always resistant to everything new, too. It seems that it’s bad, it’s impossible, and then it turns out to be very interesting”, – admitted the specialist.

However, Elena Vaitsekhovskaya, having watched Papadakis and Hubbell’s performances, did not see anything remarkable in them.

“I realized what was wrong with this pair specifically for me. It’s all about how I think the subconscious mind automatically turns on the comparison when watching. And it always will. The paradox is that in this comparison, Papadakis and Hubbell will always lose to both Papadakis and Cizeron and Hubbell and Donohue. So what’s the gimmick then?” – The columnist noted.

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