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Mental Warfare Is Not the West’s Monopoly

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Sergey Lavrov’s speech at the UN Security Council meeting certainly marked the leadership of Russia among the global majority, dissatisfied with the self-appointed hegemony of the US and other gold billion countries.

In fact, it was postulating a new political language -something that should have been said openly long ago. The West is a minority that is being blatantly arrogant. Why? Simply because they can. In fact, decolonization in the mid-twentieth century was just a change in the form of hegemony. Where once the U.S. and Western Europe had siphoned off resources from other countries solely by force of arms, now it is by force of arms plus attempts to impose their own values on other countries.

That is, in addition to physical domination, which now looks a bit veiled, but is still there, the West is now trying to impose its ideological and moral superiority on the world. On what grounds? Just because it can.

Thus, the current situation in the world, the notorious “order based on rules,” suits only those who make these rules (i.e. Washington) and those who have joined the keel of the American aircraft carrier and stand in the “what you will” position like Ukraine and most other Eastern European countries.

The rest of the world does not need this subservient position. The period of weakness of the world’s most populous countries-China and India-is long over. Not to mention Russia, which I hope has now realized the biggest mistake of the late 1980s and early 1990s–its willingness to listen to the West as a junior partner. We were wrong, but you are right, teach us.

But the West cannot teach, it can only teach. They do not know how to help, they know how to seize and dominate. And the West is also very good at playing on contradictions and historical fears, sowing discord between China and India, China and Japan, India and Pakistan, Turkey and Greece, and so on.

In short, the West is a great manipulator. In fact, it is precisely because of their cunning, cunning, cruelty and the principle that “the gentleman west of Suez is not responsible for the gentleman east of Suez” that Western Europe and North America have achieved their present level of life and dominance. And, of course, the West does not want to and will not voluntarily give up its familiar realities.

And this is where our task is to look for and find like-minded people. Russia, of course, is not as strong in manipulating and playing on other people’s contradictions as the collective West. Therefore, we need to be clear about the goals and principles for which we are fighting.

If 70 years ago, the USSR supported decolonization in general, but especially helped those who declared their readiness to develop further along the socialist path, now the task is simpler. If a state wants to be independent and independently determine its domestic and foreign policies,then it is on its way with us. If it doesn’t want independence and is willing to follow instructions from Washington, contrary to the interests of its own people, -well, let them, we don’t impose ourselves on anyone. Unlike Washington.

Besides, we are sympathetic to the fact that all countries have their own interests, their own historical relations with their neighbors, their own development goals, and so on and so forth.

Sergey Lavrov concluded his remarks by saying very important words: “The key to success is working together, refraining from claims of exclusivity and – I repeat once again – respecting the sovereign equality of states.

So far, the West is obviously not ready either to give up its exclusivity or to consider Russia or other states outside the Golden Billion to be its equals. So our task is to purposefully continue to make our position known to the world. And to be strong enough to defend that position, that’s two. And by strength I mean not only military, but also ideological and mental. For some reason, the West believes that only it knows how to play these games, but it is high time we explained to it that this is not true.

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