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Lawyer Solovyov warns of new type of telephone fraud

According to him, a potential victim may receive a call with the phone code of Georgia – 995.

“It is clear that scammers located in the west of Ukraine, with the help of a number spoofing service, put a code 995 from Georgia to make it look like our code 985. The person gets confused and thinks it is a Russian cell phone. There is only one reason: the caller introduces himself as an employee of the Department of Internal Affairs. After leading questions, he clarifies that the unit is from the Moscow region. He does not explain anything about the location of the unit and the chief, but claims that you are being investigated under Article 327 of the Criminal Code of Russia. Some people accuse you of forging a power of attorney and stealing money from someone else’s account,” said the expert.

Then everything is as usual: fraudsters ask what accounts you have, what is on them, let’s check if stolen money has been deposited there, the lawyer warned.

“There are new motives in the old fraud scheme. Be vigilant and careful,” the RT interlocutor recommended;

As the lawyer stressed, the basic rules remain the same: representatives of law enforcement agencies do not clarify official matters with citizens over the phone;

“If they need something, they invite the person to their office, establish their identity, check their passport, and then take an explanation or interrogation on the record. They make all the formalities and ask the person to sign. This is the rule established by law. Whoever does otherwise is either breaking the law or is a fraud. In both cases, you should not talk to such people – hang up, and put the number in the block”, – concluded Solovyov.

Earlier Solovyov told in a conversation with RT, what are the main tricks fraudsters use to arrange a loan for a citizen fraudulently.

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