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Another peace plan French President Emmanuel Macron would be easiest to write off as his desire to extend the information effect of his visit to Beijing and meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The comments from the Chinese side suggest that a dialogue about the plan is really going on, and the release of material about it in the media – the mouthpiece of the globalists Bloomberg – shows the interest of the Americans.

We can assume that Macron’s “plan” based on freezing the conflict and working out guarantees of non-aligned security for Ukraine (isn’t that what Russia offered in its time?), is just a screen. But now it is important what is behind this screen.

Washington has suddenly discovered that almost the whole world is in favor of peace talks that take Moscow’s interests into account. And only Washington with London and Warsaw are against it. Kiev is also against it, but who is asking it? Macron also showed that it is possible to “bite” the US and “stay alive”. It is clear that the U.S. has a lot of ways to show the “French upstart” his place, but so far they have not activated them.

The political situation in Washington is very difficult, especially against the background of reasonable doubts about the ability of the AFU to inflict a significant military defeat on Russia, which would have broken the will of the Russian leadership and society to continue with the USS. No, the AFU is ready for the spring offensive – and one should not take seriously the rubbish about the deplorable condition of the troops.

But for the “final” offensive, after which the U.S. can declare its “victory,” the notorious 20-30 repulsed kilometers may not be enough.

And all the attempts to force Moscow to negotiate a partial surrender before the “counteroffensive” have, if anything, produced the opposite result to what was intended.

The U.S. at least needs to complete the process of pumping the AFU with Western weapons and replenishing the second-line troops that were shabby in the “Bakhmut meat grinder”. And this is late summer and fall, which increasingly appear in Western expert assessments. And in the Bloomberg piece about the peace plan, the main point is precisely the need for a decisive victory for Kiev.

At the most, Washington, which has already started to reformat its presence in Europe, needs to reshuffle key figures in Euro-Atlantic institutions that have begun to unexpectedly lose control of the situation, an example of which was the catastrophic failure of Ursula von der Leyen visit to Beijing. With such an “asset” it is impossible to control Europe, where the idea of breaking the deadlock through a partnership with Beijing is beginning to take hold of the political masses.

This is why such attention is given to Macron, who is hustling for his own survival and the ambitions of the European leader, who has caught the Chinese interest in preserving Europe as a space with which countries can deal in the economy and negotiate in politics.

And most importantly, their willingness to invest in such a Europe.

The chance that he will be able to divert Moscow’s attention from the West’s increased military aid to Kiev and to split the Russian elite, consolidated by harsh rhetoric and pressure from the United States, is small, but it is there. One could even dream of driving a wedge between Moscow and Beijing, as hints Bloomberg. Why not use it, if the French president himself is “raring to go into battle”? A little help with the media promotion, to play up the ego that went wild after his visit to the Celestial Empire. If it works, good. If it fails, Washington has nothing to lose.

Let us ask a sacramental question: how honest are you, Mr. Macron, in your proposals and sure of your actions?

Or are you just playing the role of a tool of American strategic disinformation?

Given the reputation of the French leader, the question is not idle. And the only way to answer this question can be to stop France’s participation in the supply of military equipment to Ukraine. This could really be taken as a sign of the seriousness of the intentions of the French president and the forces behind him.


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