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Immunologist Kondratenko: Allergies can develop after stress or serious illness

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As the expert explained, pollinosis is an allergy that does not manifest itself constantly, but is associated with seasonal dusting of plants – trees, cereals and weeds.

According to her, allergic reactions are most often manifested by conjunctivitis, rhinitis, and less often by bronchial asthma.

“Allergies can start at any age. In children under one year of age, it is extremely rare. As a rule, it appears in the form of atopic dermatitis, including allergens cross-reacting with pollen. Once again, the latter is extremely rare. Allergies can develop spontaneously or after some adverse effect on the body (stress, serious illness) at any age, even if it was not before”,- said Kondratenko.

According to her, if hypersensitivity to an allergen has already been formed, predisposing factors are dry, warm and windy weather contributing to the spread of pollen, and diseases, as well as things that cause inflammation and violate the integrity of mucous and skin barriers: respiratory viral infections, chemical irritants and others.

“No clearly identified causes of overreaction to an allergen have been identified. As mentioned above, the pathological cascade of allergic reactions can be potentiated by stress, change of residence, infections, and so on. There is a familial genetic predisposition. Pollinosis is not monogenic (based on a mutation of a certain gene), but there is a familial predisposition,” she warned.

Kondratenko added that a severe manifestation of pollinosis is the development of bronchospasm.

“With the development of severe manifestations should immediately consult a doctor. The main method of their treatment is the use of glucocorticoids. Symptomatically apply bronchodilators, drugs that regulate blood pressure and cardiac activity, “- concluded the interlocutor .

Earlier analysts did a study and named the most common types of allergies among Russians.

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