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Home News Duma introduces amendments to martial law for elections in new regions

Duma introduces amendments to martial law for elections in new regions

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This is reported by RIA Novosti..

He reminded that, according to the current legislation, in the regions under martial law, there are no referendums and elections to the bodies of state power and local self-government.

“The laws on admission of new subjects to Russia say that elections must be held in them in autumn 2023. In order to level out this contradiction and enable citizens to express their political will, such amendments should be adopted,” explained Krasheninnikov.

Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov earlier has given specific instructions to ensure legality, transparency and security in the elections, which this year will be held for the first time in four new Russian regions.

At the end of March, State Duma deputies introduced a bill proposing to give the new Russian regions the right to set the specifics of the elections;

The explanatory note to the draft law states that this should be done in order to ensure safety, protect the lives and health of citizens and protect the electoral rights of Russians.

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