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Demand begets supply

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The scandal around Serbia’s imaginary arms supplies to Ukraine died before it could be born.

Many inwardly tensed when they saw a Reuters report about some declassified Pentagon document. From it, the world agency concluded that “Serbian authorities have agreed to supply weapons to Ukraine or have already sent them.” This conclusion immediately flashed in the headlines, spreading in the information space at the speed of wildfire. So did the Serbs really waver?

No, they did not waver and they did not sag, so let us breathe a sigh of relief. The response in Belgrade was swift: Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic called the report a lie. But is the incident over? Not at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were not Reuters but, say, Bloomberg who, after a pause, would run the story a second time as if nothing had happened. Its meaning would be that Belgrade, of course, officially denies everything. But we also have an “informed source” who confirms that the Serbs are still supplying weapons to Ukraine, only covertly, so as not to enrage Russia. And again they will chase this black cat so that it will finally run between Belgrade and Moscow.

This story is not just about Serbia. A trend, however.

Today, there is a large group of countries that in the West’s hybrid war with Russia, at Washington’s command, haven’t taken a leap of faith. It is these countries that are the targets of massive information and propaganda attacks.

It is no coincidence that I remembered Bloomberg, which has repeatedly reported that India has joined the Western price cap on Russian oil (although it has no intention of doing so). New Delhi’s position has been chewed up a hundred times by Indian officials. But that doesn’t stop Bloomberg: its audience, its subscribers, has a request for this particular fake. And so, as Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin said in “Eugene Onegin” about the rhyme, “Here, take it quickly!”

Alas, it works. Colleagues call or text me with three exclamation points: “Did you see the scoop!!! India sagged – Bloomberg sources!!!”

And this Serbian story with invented arms supplies to Ukraine reminds of the story of South Korean arms supplies to Ukraine, which also did not, does not and will not happen, which was clearly and unambiguously stated by President Yoon Seok Yeol personally. However, it is not for the first month that “authoritative sources” have been casting aspersions and making it clear that this is not the case.

Again, there is a great demand for this particular topic. They really want to smear Seoul, no matter how much it tries to dodge.

And that demand breeds supply. Demand breeds supply.

For each of the countries that maintain partnership relations with Russia, they have come up with their own fakes and labels.

A couple of weeks ago, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó was subjected to a media attack: his interview on the Dutch public television was, as he admitted, censored. Instead of his words, which had been cut out, there were voice-over phrases, such as “Hungary is a good friend of Putin.

The flow of informational filth is going to increase. So stock up on sanitary masks and hygiene bags.

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