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Wow, they know me? Russia’s 15-year-old Andreeva caused a sensation at the Masters tournament in Madrid

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There may well be a new star on the tennis scene. Mirra Andreeva, 15, caused a sensation at the WTA 1000 tournament in Madrid, reaching the third round on the fly. The athlete who had received a wild-card to the main draw in the tournament more than confidently took on US Open 2021 finalist Leila Fernandez 6-3, 6-4 in the opening match. Thus, the Russian player won at the adult professional level for the first time in her career. Last October she tried her hand at a WTA tournament in Monastir, but failed, losing to her compatriot Anastasia Potapova.

Now Andreeva became only the third tennis player in history to take a match at the Masters at age 15. Only American Catherine Bellis in 2015 was able to beat a player from the top 50. Mirra, by the way, for the first time in her career played with an opponent of such rank, but it did not embarrass her. According to the tennis player, she tried to act smoothly and lead the game as much as possible.

“I like her [Fernandez] as a tennis player and as a person, it was nice to play together. I didn’t even remember once during the match that she was a US Open finalist. I wanted to enjoy the game,” the Championship cited Andreeva as saying.

But the Russian did not stop there. The next day she had another incredible match and stopped No. 14 Beatrice Haddad-Maya, who started her campaign as a seed and went to the second round. The match took over two hours and ended in two sets, 7-6, 6-3.

“I’m a little surprised, but everyone told me that they play at the same level, just more stable,” noted the Russian after the match.

The performance of the young tennis player caused delight of both domestic and foreign experts. Social networks are overflowing with compliments about Andreeva, and some tennis fans are comparing her to Maria Sharapova, who won Wimbledon at age 17.

Mirra herself is still just settling into the world of tennis, experiencing childishly enthusiastic emotions from being surrounded by famous athletes.

“I feel a little weird because this is my second WTA tournament – the first one was in Monastir, but there weren’t very many famous players. Here I see Andy Murray, Daniil Medvedev and all the players from my homeland almost every day. They say hello to me, and I think, ‘Wow, do they know me? -and the Russian said.

Meanwhile, three-time Grand Slam doubles champion Yelena Vesnina called Andreeva a true phenomenon. According to her, Mirra is an incredibly talented and hardworking girl who is just starting to gain momentum.

“The third round of the Masters at 15 is an amazing result! But that’s not all. I’m sure Mirra has a good chance of making it to the fourth round as well. Andreeva shows very mature tennis, she moves very well. Such big victories at such an age show that she has a very strong nervous system,” Vesnina was quoted by Championship.

No matter how things turn out for Andreeva in Madrid, the tournament can already be credited to her, as well as the first half of the season as a whole. As of today her winning streak is 15 matches while her losing streak is 20-1. In April, the Russian player won two ITF tournaments in a row of the highest category “sixty-thousanders” in Swiss towns of Bellinzona and Chiazo. And so far she is the only one who managed to take several such titles at the age under 16. In total, the Russian has three of them – she also won in Meytar in 2022.

In addition, many remember the dramatic final of the Australian Open junior in January, where Andreeva and another Russian, Alina Korneeva, met. The girls are not only compatriots, but also friends and even partners who play together as a pair. The match was incredibly entertaining and intense, the athletes spent 3 hours 18 minutes on the court, and at the end of the meeting burst into tears while shaking hands near the net. Korneeva came out the winner of that game, while Andreeva took the loss very hard and could not come to her senses until the official awarding ceremony and hardly made her speech.

For Andreeva, her path to great sport began in Krasnoyarsk, where she was born. Andreeva’s elder sister Erika was a tennis player, but at first Mirra’s mother just took her to the court when she took her elder daughter to her training sessions. But gradually the younger sister began to learn how to use a racket as well.

“I didn’t really choose this sport. My mom picked it for me. I’m glad she did, because honestly, when my coaches give me five days off, I can’t think about anything else but tennis. I’m really glad my mom chose it because I feel like this is where I belong,” Andreeva admits.

Later the family moved to Sochi, and last year they decided on even more dramatic changes. Now the Andreeva sisters train in Cannes under the guidance of Jean-René Lisnard and Jean-Christophe Forel, who not so long ago worked with another tennis prodigy, Coco Hauff.

As Myrrh says, her sister has always been her role model and the main motivator in the sport, but the girls have not played against each other at trainings for many years. The lot of tournaments also did not bring them together for a long time, so now it is difficult to imagine how such a family duel would have ended. Speaking about the manner of each, Andreeva Jr. compared herself with Ons Jaber and Erika -with Iga Sviontek;

“I think Erika can win first because she has more experience. But we know very well how each of us plays. If I do drop shots, she’ll start running [to the net] in about 20 seconds because she knows what I’m trying to do,” Mirra joked about it.

Meanwhile, Andreeva’s next opponent in Madrid will be Magda Linette. Their meeting will take place on April 29, on Myrrh’s birthday – she will be 16 years old. And the main gift to the holiday may present itself to her.

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