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Home News U MIREA named the risk of growing cybercrime as the main danger of neural network development

U MIREA named the risk of growing cybercrime as the main danger of neural network development

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“Participants of the study put the possible growth of cybercrime on the first place in the ranking of dangers. Without the introduction of additional measures to control the development of artificial intelligence in the next few years, neural networks will be able to break the protection of computer programs, including in areas critical to the economy, much more effectively than humans,” – said the experts.

Further in the anti-rating experts highlighted the threat to the security of personal data of users and the risk of reducing the number of jobs in a wide range of professions.

“We’re talking, in particular, about financial and accounting, technical support staff and call centers, marketing analysts, journalists and copywriters, graphic designers and so on, -the analysts explained.

In general, the authors of the study agreed that any danger posed by neural networks concerns not the technology itself, but what is put in it by a particular person with his beliefs, knowledge, moral and ethical guidelines, political and religious attitudes, and so on.

As specified in the materials provided to , the study consisted of two stages. The first involved more than 500 students of the U MIREA. Each of them was invited to review & nbsp;ten photos and ten texts and select among them generated by a neural network. As a result, only 45% of the respondents were able to recognize a fake photo material, and only 30% of text generated by artificial intelligence.

The second stage of the research included a survey of experts in the field of AI. They were asked to name the main dangers to society due to the development of neural networks.

Earlier the survey of Superjob service showed that most of all in the development of artificial intelligence Russians are frightened by the prospect of losing their jobs;

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