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Home News The Svekofen mystery: scientists have uncovered the story of the disappearance of the ancient ocean in northwest Russia

The Svekofen mystery: scientists have uncovered the story of the disappearance of the ancient ocean in northwest Russia

Photo by Christoffer Engström on Unsplash

Russian scientists from the Institute of Geology and Pre-Cambrian Geochronology (IGCD) RAS have found out why the ancient Svecofennian Ocean, which 2 billion years ago washed the shores of northwest Russia, as well as Scandinavia, disappeared. This was reported to by the press service of IGHD RAS.

Svecofennian Ocean originated in ancient times – about 2 billion years ago. It was not inferior in size to modern oceans – for example, the Indian or Atlantic Oceans. The ocean washed the continent in the northwest of modern Russia, as well as in the area of modern Finland, Sweden and Norway. It existed for about 100 million years. For comparison, the age of the Pacific Ocean is about 180 million years.

“So what led to its disappearance? The movement of the lithospheric plates, namely the collision and sinking of the oceanic plate under the continental plate. This phenomenon is called by geologists the word subduction. But it was not this process of subduction that put the final end to the absorption of the ocean. It turned out that the mutual convergence of the oceanic and continental plates causes strong changes in the rocks”, – Shauket Baltybaev, head of the laboratory of petro- and ore genesis IGD RAS told .

The submergence of oceanic plates in the bowels of the Earth at a depth of 20-25 km led to their heating and melting under the influence of enormous pressure. The resulting melt of sedimentary rocks and basalts began to rise back to the surface in huge quantities.

“From such melt new portions of magmatic rocks formed on the territory of today’s Karelia and Ladoga region”, Shauket Baltybayev added.

Scientists drew such conclusions after studying a set of rocks collected at the site of geological events that took place in the northwest about 2 billion years ago. It is about specific minerals, which are formed as a result of melting and pressing in the interior of the planet of oceanic sedimentary rocks under tremendous pressure.

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