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The Fight Against Reptiloids: What Does the Council of Mothers and Wives Protect the Rights of Servicemen Do

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At the end of 2022, news about the creation of a Council of Mothers and Wives began to spread actively on social networks. The goal of the movement was proclaimed to be the protection of the rights of the mobilized, who were allegedly forced to sign a contract and go to the Free Trade Zone in Donbass.

The leader of the new structure was Olga Tsukanova, a public activist from Samara, a supporter of the scandalously known activist and popular YouTube blogger Svetlana Peunova.

Tsukanova claimed that her own son was also forced to sign a contract. This story was told by, among others, the publications Wyrstka, Paper, and Radio Svoboda*.

Before the mobilization was announced, Tsukanova tried to build a political career by running as a candidate for the Zheleznodorozhny District Council of Deputies in Samara from the Volya party, but was denied registration.

According to SPARK-Interfax database, Tsukanova was among the founders of the Samara regional branch of Volya party. In social networks one can find her photo with a poster supporting Svetlana Lada-Rus Peunova.

In addition to her YouTube channel, Peunova was also active offline. In particular, she led the Volya party until it was liquidated by decision of the Russian Supreme Court; she was also the head of the Nationwide Union of Russian Revival, which includes the Council of Mothers and Wives.

She is currently conducting her activities from abroad, where she left after criminal cases were brought against her in 2016.

Peunova was then put on an international wanted list on charges of intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm and fraud.

According to law enforcement authorities, Lada-Rus used blackmail, psychological pressure, and threats to bring the local resident to a severe mental disorder.

In addition to Olga Tsukanova, the organizers of the Council of Mothers and Wives include one Tatiana Baulina. Her account in the social network “VKontakte” testifies to the active involvement of Svetlana Lada-Russ Peunova -she is subscribed to numerous profile communities.

Together with Tsukanova, Tatiana Baulina actively participated in the council’s press conference, speaking first at its opening and calling “to fight for husbands, sons, and homeland.

Oksana Divisenko, another associate of Svetlana Lada-Russ Peunova, who is also a founding member of the Council of Mothers and Wives, together with Tsukanova and Baulina, directly calls Peunova “the people’s leader chosen at the congress.

Divisenko actively distributes various appeals by Peunova -in particular, one of the latter, in which Lada-Rus argues that “we should not take up arms and go and fight somewhere in a neighboring state.

The dissolved Will party was far from the first structure associated with the name of Svetlana Lada-Rus Peunova. For example, the Center for Religious Studies in the name of St. Irenei Lyonsky lists the organization Way to the Sun (according to SPARK-Interfax, liquidated and removed from the Unified State Register on January 26, 2015), which was once headed by Lada-Rus, as one of the most well-known destructive totalitarian sects.

Representatives of this association in 2019 actively held meetings and congresses in major Russian cities, including seminars on various most discussed socio-political topics with the obligatory call at the end: “Lada-Rus – to the President”.

Svetlana Lada-Rus Peunova eventually did decide to apply for registration as a presidential candidate, but the CEC rejected her due to her failure to meet the mandatory requirement to collect 2 million signatures as a self-nominated candidate.

Against the background of the coronavirus outbreak, a movement “No to Coercion!” was created on the basis of the All-Russian Union of the Revival of Russia (RUR), whose activists acted against vaccinating the population against COVID-19.

Activists affiliated with Peunova talked about the plans of a “world government” that wants to leave only one golden billion on the planet, called vaccination “euthanasia,” and talked about the “Rockefeller-bribed” Russian leadership.

The adherents of Lada-Rus on the basis of the OSVR also created the Union of Parents “Together”, whose functionaries are oppose distance learning and digitalization of education in general. According to them, it is again the plans of the “world government” -to establish total control over education.

According to a law enforcement source, at the end of November of last year, after several rallies organized by the Council of Mothers and Wives movement outside the Ministry of Defense, the Presidential Administration, the State Duma and other government agencies, as well as the roundtable discussion “The people have questions. Please Answer”, Olga Tsukanova visited the Main Directorate for Service to the Diplomatic Corps at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she met with CNN freelance correspondent Anastasia Kharchenko.

In January 2023, Veronika Silchenko, producer and chief correspondent for the American television channel Vice, was interested in meeting with Tsukanova to obtain information about the activities of the Council of Mothers and Wives, as well as information about the mobilization.

According to ‘s source, the purpose of all these foreign media contacts with Olga Tsukanova was to gather material for a forthcoming film about a special Russian military operation in Ukraine, aimed at a Western target audience and with the most negative anti-Russian connotations.

In a conversation with , Professor Alexander Dvorkin of PTSU said that followers of Svetlana Lada-Russ Peunova are successfully continuing the work of their mentor.

“Svetlana Peunova s organizations are a sect that simply takes on different guises. I would call it occult-political and conspiracy, there is a set of everything possible. And since the sect’s adherents constantly need to be loaded up with something, Peunova with her megalomania won’t just stop,” Dvorkin believes.

Dvorkin stresses that Peunova is in fact far from original in her ideas, but they have quite a lot of destructive potential.

“All these ideas about the secret intrigues of the Rockefellers and other conspiracy theories are popular in the social niche, which is her main recruiting field. But she didn’t come up with these ideas – she recycles them and launches new ones. Typical enough is the story of the reptiloids that Peunova spoke of. It is she who is waging an uncompromising struggle against the reptiloids who have taken over the world. There is also the idea that the reptiloids somehow crossed with the Jews, resulting in mutants that are even more insidious and dangerous,” the expert concluded.

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