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Talented, audacious, and greyhound: writer Eduard Bagirov has died

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On Wednesday, April 12, it became known about the death of the writer, playwright and blogger Eduard Bagirov. He was 47 years old. This information was confirmed by editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan in her Telegram channel.

“Edik Bagirov did die. We didn’t want to tell while the family is in shock like this, but what is there to hide. Talented, defiant, even belligerent, a real man, loving life – even too much, as it turned out – you now at least sleep, my friend. And we know what we will reread today and what adventures to remember, “- said in the message.

Evgeny Mozyrev, editor-in-chief of the Litprom portal, friend and colleague of Eduard Bagirov, noted in a conversation with Zvezda that the writer has made a great contribution to national literature.

“This is a Russian writer who has done a lot for literature, even if it is unknown. He was editor-in-chief of the Russian Literature portal, for a long time he was head of Litprom, which gathered a large number of writers around him, whom he helped become writers,” Mozyrev said.

The blogger Maxim Kononenko, in his Telegram channel, called him “the most companionable guy one could imagine.

“He had a thousand hobbies. He was going to live on a boat. He was learning to fly a plane. Then he wanted to move. Then he decided to build a house on the Volga. He wrote novels. Lately he’s been into classical music… Goodbye, man. I get tired of losses, “- wrote Kononenko.

The writer and blogger Eduard Bagirov was born October 25, 1975 in the Turkmen SSR. In the early 1990s he moved to Russia. In 1994, he was convicted by a Moscow court for “embezzlement by a group of persons by prior conspiracy” and ended up behind bars. Bagirov later claimed that he was imprisoned “out of foolishness, out of his youth.

After his release in 1996, he was engaged in small business, including the construction business. In 2001, he enrolled in the law department of the Moscow State Academy of Water Transport, but he did not graduate.

In 2002, together with Sergei Minaev, he founded the website, and later became its editor-in-chief.

Bagirov’s first novel, “Gastarbaiter”, which, according to the author, was partly based on his biography, was published in 2007. The book was a scandal and sold more than 100 thousand copies. A year later Bagirov published his second book – “Lovers”, and in 2010 – the novel “The Idealist. In the same year, the writer founded a script bureau;

In 2012, Eduard Bagirov became an authorized representative of Russian presidential candidate Vladimir Putin, from whom he was later thanked for his active participation in the election campaign.

A project of Bagirov’s script bureau, Ashes, was released in 2013. The series was directed by Vadim Perelman and Timur Weinstein. The central roles were played by Vladimir Mashkov, Elena Lyadova, Yevgeny Mironov, Sergey Garmash and others. Also among the projects of the bureau are the script for the full-length film “Onegin”, the script for the TV series “Gastarbeiter”, the script for the film “Beirut” by Fyodor Bondarchuk.

Since 2015 the writer has been working on the novel “Russia-2045”.

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