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Surkov’s specialist: when choosing a bicycle, you should pay attention to the frame materials

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“When choosing a bike size, you also need to consider the type of bike, because they can be designed for different purposes. Mountain bikes usually have thick tires and suspension for rough terrain, road bikes have narrow tires and lightweight construction for smooth roads. And hybrids combine features of mountain bikes and road bikes for both urban and off-road riding,” she said.

The specialist added that different frame materials have their advantages and disadvantages.

“Steel frames provide strength and reliability, but can be heavy. Aluminum frames are lightweight but less durable. Carbon frames are the lightest and stiffest, but also the most expensive,” she explained to ;

The number of speeds on a bicycle can vary from one to 30 or more. The more speeds, the more options for adapting to different road conditions and the propensity for speed.

“However, a higher number of speeds also means a more complex and expensive design, which may not be necessary for normal use. You also have to consider the types of brakes. There are two main types: rim and disc brakes. Rim brakes are usually lighter and cheaper, but less effective in rain conditions. Disc brakes are much better in this regard, although bicycles that use them are more expensive,” Surkova said;

Besides, Surkova explained that when choosing a scooter, one of the important factors is the maximum weight of the user.

“This value for adults is about 50 to 100 kg, depending on the model. If you exceed the maximum weight for which the scooter is designed, it can lead to difficulties with steering and maneuvering. Wheel diameter is also important when choosing a scooter. Large-diameter wheels make it smoother and more comfortable on uneven terrain, but they make maneuvering difficult,” said the expert.

You should also pay attention to the quality of materials used to make the scooter.

“For example, aluminum and other lightweight materials make a scooter as comfortable to use as possible. However, scooters made of stronger and harder materials, such as steel, will be heavy, but will last longer.The presence of brakes on a scooter can be an important factor when choosing a model. There are different types of brakes, such as a foot brake or handlebar brake, which can be more convenient and safer to use,” – said the interlocutor .

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