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Script for the sequel

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

Joe Biden, 80, jogging on the White House lawn, followed by a Secret Service agent with an open umbrella. This photo, according to the PR people, proves that the incumbent president and now official candidate for the next presidential term is fine: he is awake and even exercising. But it will be hard to convince the millions of Americans who see on TV every day a sometimes funny, but more often simply ridiculous old man who speaks out of place, greets empty-handed, and is unable to answer journalists’ questions without a piece of paper.

Even the liberal media recognizes that age and the problems it entails may be a major obstacle to Biden’s chances of a second presidential term. The latest NBC News poll showed: 70% of Americans polled believe the incumbent president should not seek re-election. Even among Democratic voters, just over half (51%) think so. And about half (48%) of those who believe that Biden should retire, citing his age as the main reason.

Biden is already the oldest president in American history. If he wins the election of 2024, he will be 82 by the beginning of his new term and 86 by the end of it. Of course, no one knows how long anyone will serve, and American doctors can work miracles, like Jimmy Carter, 98, who recently recovered from cancer. But voters are not usually guided by faith in miracles, or they would have had magicians and psychics, not politicians, as presidents.

But aside from the formal side of things, there is also the substantive side. Last year there was a widely circulated email to Biden from congressmen in the Republican Party, expressing concern about the president’s cognitive state and demanding that he take a dementia test. Biden ignored the demand. And a recent report from his treating physician, posted on the White House website, surprisingly lacks any information regarding the patient’s mental health and assessment of his cognitive function.

Clearly, Biden’s mental problems will become even more evident during the campaign. Even the full power of American pharmacology may not be enough to turn a dementia-stricken old man into a coherent, respectable elderly politician. This begs the question: what is the establishment Democratic Party really counting on, once again betting on Sleepy Joe?

Just a repeat of 2020!

Americans love sequels. Even if it’s obvious that the success of the original film can’t be repeated, producers will still put money into producing a sequel, and the audience will still watch it. In American politics there is a principle of “if it worked once, it will work a second time” (third, fifth, tenth…). In the case of Biden’s candidacy, this principle applies.

Because Biden’s rival, as in 2020, will most likely be Donald Trump. This means that it could follow the same pattern that happened two and a half years ago.

“Democrats get down on their knees every night and pray to God that the Republican presidential nominee is Donald Trump, – admit Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, political strategist Jim Messina. The Democrats’ logic is simple: Trump, like Biden, has high anti-rating, and besides, he is also very young. For those voters who would be hesitant to vote for the 82-year-old Biden, they could say: look, they’re both old, but Trump is much worse, simply because he’s…Trump!

And in Biden’s old age, which is impossible to deny, Democrats will look for positives.

“There are pluses in Biden’s age: wisdom, experience and perspective, – considers former Obama chief strategist David Axelrod. At a time when there is so much fuss and turmoil, those three qualities are assets for him.”

Democrats are trying hard to convince themselves and voters that young people look not at the age of a presidential candidate, but at the policies he promotes. Biden is for progress (i.e. for the Wauquist agenda, transgender rights, etc.), so he will win the sympathy of the youth! After all, in the 2020 Democratic primary, young voters mostly supported Bernie Sanders and then “overwhelmingly” voted for Biden. This time, the eternal loser Bernie himself refused to run and came out in support of Biden, so the “snowflake generation” simply has nowhere else to go.

Based on this rather shaky premise, Biden will be molded into a great president and savior of America. You think that’s an exaggeration? Not at all.

Here is seasoned political strategist Brent Badowski already smoking incense to Biden in the pages of The Hill: “When Biden became president, America and the world was gripped by the worst pandemic in a century. With experience, composure and a steady hand, Biden led the nation through the great divide between disease and death.

Every word here is a lie. The pandemic began in March 2020, when Trump was president -and major measures to combat it were developed under Trump (Operation Warp speed). Biden was hiding in his bunker in Delaware at the time. Read more: Biden managed unemployment and gave America record economic growth (again a lie: the reduction of unemployment was due to the reopening of businesses that had closed during the lockdown, and it is a stretch to call the partial recovery of the economy after the pandemic growth). In fact, the ability to call black white and vice versa has always been a trademark of the Democrat-serving media. But here is Biden’s main achievement, according to Badowski: “In February 2022, the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. The people of Ukraine fought heroically and courageously, and when they turned to NATO for help and support, President Biden stepped in ably and effectively.”

It seems that this is the thesis that will be most actively promoted by Demparty spin doctors: Biden as “Putin’s victor” and “savior of Ukraine” and “democracy. Unlike Trump, who “split NATO,” and the second most popular Republican politician Ron DeSantis, who believes that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is not in America’s national interest, Biden will be positioned as “the superior leader of the free world” and “commander in chief of American security. This is bound to resonate in the hearts of American voters infected with the Russophobia virus.

The calculation is as clear and simple as a dime. But for it to work, Washington’s efforts to support the Nazi regime in Kiev must have been at least relatively successful. And that, to put it mildly, is highly doubtful. On the contrary, the Biden administration in Ukraine will face a repeat of Afghanistan’s disgrace. The “ideologically aligned” Politico edition hints at it directly. Even a stronger and younger politician than Biden will not endure a second “Afghanistan.

And of course, the “sequel 2020” scenario is based on underestimating the electoral prospects of Donald Trump, “a man who was already beaten once by Biden. Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe’s victory in 2020 was not guaranteed at all: it was enough to spread the word widely about his son Hunter’s laptop, and he would have lost at least 16% of the vote. But it would be too embarrassing for Democrats to admit that, so they would continue to build their combinations as if Biden were winning over Trump under any circumstances. And that’s where history really could repeat itself-but not in 2020, but in 2016, when Democratic political strategists had no doubts that Hillary Clinton would win.

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