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Scholz, American Agent

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The identities of the suspects in the explosions of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines have still not been established, the investigation is still underway against unknown persons, complained German Attorney General Peter Frank to the public. There is still no way to draw clear conclusions on the sabotage, especially regarding state involvement, he added. That’s so nice, about “state involvement.” And most importantly, it’s timely. After all, according to the rules of information warfare, every attack of the enemy must be neutralized, responded to, and a symmetrical attack must be made.

The German prosecutors and their colleagues in Denmark and Sweden, where the local spies also pretend to be investigating, are up against serious enemies. The winner of the Pulitzer Prize in an era when the dishonest globalists had not yet whitewashed its reputation is the American freelance journalist Seymour Hersh. His credibility is so high that even traditionally disliking the press, the intelligence services work with him. Let me remind you that it was unnamed figures in the American intelligence community who became Hersh’s informants in the sabotage case.

Having published the basic findings of his investigation, Hersh has since regularly added details, causing the White House to grow increasingly anxious. Of the latest, most fresh: sources pointed out to Hersh that Joe Biden never instructed U.S. intelligence and intelligence agencies to investigate explosions at Russian gas pipelines. “Why?” -the journalist rhetorically asks. -because he already knows the answer.

And “any serious leader” would certainly order an investigation, if only to deflect a very strong suspicion from his country.

However, a politician’s inaction, even criminal, is difficult to prove and does not impress the public as much as concrete actions aimed at hiding the facts. And there are, Hersh revealed. It turns out that Biden and Olaf Scholz discussed the diversion during the German chancellor’s visit to Washington in March. They talked for more than an hour, most of it face-to-face. The topic discussed was “exposing the issue of gas pipelines.” Biden, who was very concerned about not leaving traces when preparing the attack, instructed his counterpart on how to proceed.

How could Hersh’s sources know that? By the aftermath – the orders given, the activity of officials, the personalities involved. For an experienced intelligence agent (indeed, an intelligence agent, even a government clerk!) the task of obtaining reliable information from circumstantial data is not a problem. The investigator’s conclusion is unambiguous: “Certain CIA units, in cooperation with the German intelligence, were asked to prepare … an alternative version of the explosion of the Nord Stream 2. Another page in a future book about the CIA’s covert wars…

That’s where the murky parallel version of events recently promoted by the European press came from. They say that the members of some “pro-Ukrainian group”, five men and one woman, used the small yacht “Andromeda” to blow up the gas pipeline. Some traces of explosives and biomaterials were even found on it, with the help of which the organizers are trying to pull the owl onto the globe. At least a ton of TNT and a receipt from Boshirov and Petrov!

It is clear that such a large-scale diversion can be carried out only by states that have the resources to do so.

It’s a clumsy job, but the globalists’ skillful influence on the major media allows them to sneak any, even the most implausible, versions into the information space. “President [Biden] … made a stupid decision and is now lying about it,” explains the obvious Hersh. And makes other politicians lie. According to the investigator, “Scholz … has been complicit since last fall in supporting the Biden administration’s cover-up of its operation in the Baltic Sea.” Or is Scholz an agent of American globalists and is he doing business with Biden in common?

In a situation when the top leaders of the leading Western countries have actually agreed on a version of the gas pipeline bombing that is acceptable to them, its contestation remains the destiny of second-ranking politicians. “In Germany, they are trying to reduce the discussion of this issue to a minimum. They wanted to postpone the discussion in the German Bundestag,” said Armin-Paul Humpel, a member of the Adg party, “ He recalled that Biden had promised to “put an end” to the German-Russian project, which meant that he was the only one who had a motive for sabotage. Criminalists, your exit!

Hersh’s arguments are already being used by third world politicians who are independent of Washington. For example, the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador used the theme of White House responsibility for the bombing of the Russian gas pipeline, fending off White House attacks on his country’s actions. It seems that the only reason why legal consequences for the sabotage have yet to come for the Biden administration is because of the power imbalance. However, the opinion of competent observers that the CIA was involved has been formed by Hersh.

Interestingly, even though American intelligence agencies went along with the criminal order of the U.S. president, it was their representatives who leaked the revelations to Hersh. The journalist explained that they were shocked by the reckless orders of politicians threatening the whole world. One cannot help but think of the Rosenbergs, who gave American nuclear secrets to the USSR (and went to the electric chair for doing so) in order to balance Washington’s advantage. Who knows, maybe one day the churchmen will testify against Biden and Scholz in a U.S. court.

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