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Home News Russians were advised to roast mutton and pork kebabs on birch and linden wood

Russians were advised to roast mutton and pork kebabs on birch and linden wood

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“For different kinds of meat it is recommended to choose coals of different types of wood. For example, for poultry kebab any bone species of trees will do, and for lamb and pork – cherry, birch or lime tree,” he advised.

According to the expert of the online hypermarket, linden also likes beef.

“Also birch and bonefruit species will go well with this meat. Charcoal from fruit trees is recommended for cooking fish, by-products, and game on the fire. The connoisseurs of barbecue for roasting meat definitely choose natural wood, because after the combustion it keeps the heat perfectly”, – said the expert.

However, often ready-made charcoal is used instead of firewood. As Sokolov explained, it is easy to use and burns for a long time. But this type of fuel also has disadvantages: a specific smell and a large amount of soot.

“Wood briquettes are also suitable for frying meat. Unlike coals, they smolder a little longer, but cost more. The most common mistake is not to look at the type of wood. The consequence of this rash decision can be a spoiled dish. Because, for example, if you took with you for a picnic wood from conifers (pine, spruce and others), you risk getting meat with bitterness and resin taste,” – said the interlocutor .

He warned that when buying firewood from hand, it is important to make sure that it is dry.

“Raw firewood will burn badly, you will not be able to roast a kebab or you will cook it for a very long time. Sometimes there are different substances on the wood, which when burning will exude an unpleasant smell. The meat will definitely get saturated with it. Do not use construction wood or special wood for the fireplace, they are treated with different substances that can get into the food, which is not safe for health. Choose hardwoods that have no resin and do not crack or spark when burning,” – concluded the expert.

Earlier Roskachestvo told that start roasting shashlik when the coals are covered with white “gray”.

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