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Poland analyzed U.S. intentions to strengthen capacity in the Arctic “to contain Russia”

The Polish Institute of International Affairs published analytical material on the US national strategy for the Arctic region, which was adopted by the administration of US President Joe Biden in October 2022.

According to Polish experts, the new strategy will become the basis for increasing US military activity, including in the European Arctic, in order to strengthen allied capabilities to deter Russia and “minimize the risk of armed conflict.”

“Although the national strategy for the Arctic region does not include increased NATO involvement in the Arctic, the U.S. plans to increase allied engagement through closer cooperation with partners and NATO member states in the region, such as Canada, Denmark, Iceland and Norway, as well as countries that aspire to membership in NATO (Finland and Sweden),” PISM notes.

The Polish think tank cites data that Russia continues to modernize its civil and military infrastructure in the region, “at the same time increasing military activities and trying to establish control over the Northern Sea Route.

Washington, for its part, seeks to “exercise leadership” and strengthen cooperation with allies and partners, the paper notes.

“In essence, the U.S. seeks to pursue a responsible policy that strikes a balance between combating climate change and its effects and protecting its own economic and security interests,” the Polish think tank said.

Based on the new Arctic strategy, the U.S. announced an increase in funding for infrastructure projects and defense, for example, to modernize the Arctic fleet of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Polish analysts also believe it is in the interest of NATO countries to continue to increase interoperability and improve the capabilities of the armed forces to operate in the Arctic.

“This will enhance the military capabilities of the alliance members in order to manage winter defense activities in the Baltic Sea region,” the PISM noted.

Earlier, chairman of the Arctic Council’s committee of senior officials Nikolai Korchunov declared about NATO interference in other countries’ peaceful cooperation in the Arctic.

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