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Planes either fly or they don’t

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Ukraine plans to increase the level of air support for its troops.

What am I drawing this conclusion from? From information about possible transfer of frontline MiG-29 fighter aircraft to Germany. That is, the Ukrainians intend to fight off our frontline aviation (bombers, attack jets) hitting AFU positions on the front line. We may be expecting reports of intensified air battles between Russian and Ukrainian fighter pilots over the front lines.

The number of planes involved in the battle, the experience of the pilots, guns and new technology all play a role here. All trumps are on the Russian side.

The MiG-29 is an “old” fighter, from the arsenals of the fraternal GDR. But the Ukrainian aviation industry has been modernizing these machines at facilities in Lviv.

And airplanes, as they say in the Air Force, are not old and young – they either fly or not. But they are transferred to Ukraine only five. at least – for now. The number of fighters, according to general statistics, Russia has a higher number. And the technology, the power of airborne systems, and modern combat piloting capabilities are also on our side.

And one more detail. You can’t hide MiG-29 fighters in any hangar, you can’t disguise them in the city between the houses. It’s a conveniently wanted target. Aircraft on the ground are vulnerable. You can’t play checkerboard with factories all over Ukraine, either. The only option is to equip airfields on highways.

All the armies of the former Soviet Union have such experience.

Everything is not so simple: we will give it to you, but you must use it. It is a real burden. In this situation, it’s not help, it’s a classic lower rectal ailment.

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