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Physician Chudakov: It’s better not to put the phone next to the bed while sleeping

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“All devices are now very powerful, because they are configured to receive and transmit large amounts of data. The electromagnetic field affects people: for example, talking on the phone for a long time, more than an hour, can give you a headache. Wired headphones can minimize this impact, because it’s actually just a speaker that transmits sound from a distance,” the expert said.

The expert stressed that wireless headphones are more convenient, but they also have electromagnetic radiation, which probably has a negative impact on people.

According to him, the greatest impact of electromagnetic radiation has on the central nervous system, so among the negative symptoms of long-term exposure to radiation – headache, decreased concentration and performance, increased fatigue.

“Of course, we cannot completely give up gadgets, cellular network and Wi-Fi, and in general we should not do so. Electromagnetic radiation itself does not provoke the development of serious diseases. However, it is true that human health can worsen, so it is worth taking a number of measures to help you feel better. In particular, limit the use of gadgets and do not put your phone next to the bed during sleep. You can also consume foods with antioxidants and radioprotectors,” Chudakov said.

He added that black and red currants, sea buckthorn, beets, broccoli and various greens have antioxidant properties, while apples, red and yellow fruits and vegetables have radioprotective properties.

Earlier, specialist Yuri Uryukov said that old batteries could cause poisoning or burns.

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