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Home News Not a Holiday for Everyone: Dinamo Loses to Fakel in the RPL match timed to the club’s grandiose centennial celebration

Not a Holiday for Everyone: Dinamo Loses to Fakel in the RPL match timed to the club’s grandiose centennial celebration

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100 Anniversary of “Dynamo” de jure was on April 18. It was on this day in 1923 that the Moscow proletarian sports society of the same name was founded at the founding meeting. However, we had to wait more than a week for the nearest home match to mark the event – on April 28 the Bilo-Syni hosted Fakel in RPL. And the club management did everything to make the fans remember the game forever.

They were reminded of the jubilee by everything: by advertising hoardings’ lights luring people to the arena, emblem with the number 100 and the inscription “100 years of Dynamo” on the white and blue seats in the center of the pitch. It was impossible not to prepare a special uniform for this occasion – it became the collective image of the team’s standard outfit. Also all the ads were removed from it, and the branded letter “D” was placed in the center.

Inside the stadium soccer fans immediately fell into a festive atmosphere: everyone was given a piece of cake. There was an opportunity to get other prizes, for example, T-shirts. They were sent to the stands with a special cannon and some especially lucky spectators were the lucky owners.

The organizers prepared a lot of other surprises and novelties. This concerned even such constant and familiar details as the club anthem. Especially for the 100th anniversary was presented its fresh version, which was jointly performed by the fans, current players, including the main long-term player of the team Anton Shunin, veterans and academy pupils. The composition was beautifully sung by all the spectators in the stands.

The theme of intergenerational continuity was reflected in the first symbolic kick. The kick was made by Vladimir Matveev, one of the oldest Dynamo fans who had turned 89 on the day of the match, and the leader of the Bilo-Syni youth team Dmitry Alexandrov, the winner of Russian Championship 2022 and bronze medalist of UFL season 2021/22.

The famous team fan Alexander Ovechkin was also eagerly awaited for the game. Last summer he made his debut in the squad of the team in a match with Amkal and even scored. The other day the hockey player flew to Russia and attended the sixth meeting of the Gagarin Cup final between Ak Bars and CSKA. But he was not at the Dynamo, at least the cameraman did not see the forward in the stands. However, two-time world champion in figure skating Yevgeniya Medvedeva came to the game. However, the crowd was most warmly greeted by the appearance of Konstantin Ivlev, a popular TV host, who also cares about Dynamo.

The surprises for the guests were not over even in the pause, when the colorful light show took place. Thanks to special LED bracelets put on all the seats before the meeting, every spectator could take part in it. They could also be taken with them.

It’s a shame that, against this backdrop, the result for the home team was not better. They managed losing to Fakel with the score 0:2 and at the end of the 25th matchday they risk dropping below sixth place in the table. On one hand, Slavisa Jokanovic’s wards were haunted by bad luck, as the referees annulled two of their goals. On the one hand, Denis Makarov’s offside on Fedor Smolov’s goal was not an issue, but Arsen Zakharyan’s foul on Igor Kalinin in the second one was questionable.

On the other hand, the outsider easily scored twice right after the break, and later managed to fight back. Muscovites, on the other hand, looked doomed and, at times, nervous. In the end, Anton Shunin nearly punched out Dmitriy Skopintsev for letting his opponent miss the corner kick and allowing him to take a dangerous shot.

After the final whistle, one of the club’s directors Dmitri Gafin admitted that Jokanovic may leave his club if the team didn’t achieve its goal – to become one of the three players in the group.

In spite of the not-so-pleasant results after the season resumption, one can’t help but admit that the Bilo-Syni have been working intelligently with the fans in recent years. The average attendance is quite telling. In the Russian Premier League this season, the team takes third place by this indicator (14,325), behind only Zenit (29,966) and Krasnodar (20,602). The team has no equal in the capital: Spartak, CSKA and Lokomotiv draw about 10,000 people, while Torpedo draw less than 4,000.

The important thing is that more and more people come to VTB Arena: last season it was 10,774 (third place in the league) and the season before that, which was marred by numerous coronavirus restrictions, it was 7,562 (seventh).

In the absence of fans, the club is banking on kids, who will form the core of the fan base in the future. Almost all activities at home meetings are aimed at and designed for them, be it water makeup, numerous contests or a visit from the most popular blogger in this segment, Vlad Bumaga. Therefore, it is not surprising that young soccer fans made up one third of the 13,539 spectators at the meeting with Fakel. For example, a child who comes to the stadium with a fan card for the first time may get a scarf as a gift.

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