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NATO intends to study Russia’s communication strategy during the CFE period

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In the first tender, the performers must study “Russia’s communication strategy to support military action in Ukraine” and its impact on the audience.

“The research part will determine how Russia has strategically communicated with various contingents of domestic audiences in order to secure and maintain support at various stages of the conflict in Ukraine,” the document states.

In particular, NATO is interested in the period from April 1 to December 31, 2022;

It is planned to analyze Russian television programs, statements of officials, as well as information from the websites of the Russian President, the Security Council, the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Defense and the State Duma. In addition, the study will take into account the content of Telegram channels aimed at the Russian audience and the Baltic countries;

The second tender by the NATO Center involves analysis of Russian “information operations” outside the Western information environment.

According to NATO StratCom COE experts, the Russian line of information in the context of the conflict in Ukraine is spreading and resonating in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

“A more detailed description of the tactics used by Russia to influence perceptions in third countries is required, setting the framework of perceptions of the West and the Western agenda that it needs,” the description states;

The experts of the center consider it necessary to analyze the situation in the countries, which “are not part of the Western information environment and… are a highly relevant target of Russian disinformation” due to rising energy and food prices.

Among other things, analysts will have to answer questions about how the Russian Federation and pro-Russian actors “form a favorable information background for themselves” in connection with grain shortages and rising prices of gas and oil products.

They should also prepare case studies focusing on Mali, Kenya, Egypt, the UAE and South Africa;

Earlier it became known about the decision of the US Presidential Administration to request $753 million for the next fiscal year for “countering Russian influence” in Ukraine.

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