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Name day of the heart for liberals

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Tucker Carlson flew back to his place in Maine, and on current Fox News he promised no return. A moderately well-fed man in his prime, adored by all of conservative America, from Donald Trump to a pickup truck driver in Kansas, at the zenith of his fame, he was bigger than the network, where his show Tucker Carlson Tonight drew a record 3.5 million viewers every night, far outpacing the liberal competitors from CNN and MSNBC. It happens on television. That does not mean, however, that Tucker is not “gone. And “gone” ugly.

Tucker Carlson was stunned to hear the news that his broadcast on Friday, April 21, would be his last and that he wouldn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to his audience. Part of his team learned that their show was closing, from Twitter. The exact reason has yet to be officially announced, which only multiplies rumors. For example, that Fox News owner, the elderly tycoon Rupert Murdoch, wants to sell the channel. The numbers, however, suggest otherwise. Shares of Fox Corp., the network’s parent company, fell 5 percent on news of Carlson’s departure after the announcement, dropping the media giant by $690 million. There is, however, the possibility that Murdoch was simply pinned down. Circumstances or specific people.

The Fox empire is in the midst of a transformation. Murdoch’s heirs are taking over. They know how to count the losses. Carlson’s departure came just five days after Fox settled with Dominion Voting Systems, which sued for defamation, claiming that anchors like Carlson knew President Trump’s claims of election fraud were untrue. Dominion sued for $1.6 billion and agreed to dismiss the case for the $787 million the network was willing to pay. There could have been other claims against Carlson. And about his the January 6, 2021 riots coverage. And about the lawsuit filed by Abby Grossberg. The former producer claims she was subjected to sexism, bullying and anti-Semitism while working on the show.

But that’s a technicality that still makes it hard to escape the idea that there’s an ideological score to settle with the host.

Or they’re purposely shutting the most vocal critic of Joe Biden’s policies just 24 hours before the day he announces his run for a second term.

By the way, Carlson isn’t the only one who may have fallen victim to the Trumpist sweep at Fox News. Four days earlier, the channel’s less popular but highly charismatic truth-teller Dan Bongino left. A few months ago, the channel parted ways with President Trump’s sister-in-law Lara.

The former CNN correspondent, known 30 years ago only for his bow tie and The Spin Room, owes his rise to the Trump years. The host of the most popular eight o’clock slot became the living face and voice of the voiceless America that the liberals here disdainfully call rednecks. That is, rednecks. That said, Tucker’s voice did not echo Trump. On the contrary. It often seemed to suggest and even criticize him. At times it seemed that Carlson was the think tank of the Trump administration, some of whose hawks (like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo) got a special beating from Tucker for their desire to “bamboozle” any problem. Funny, but it has somehow been forgotten that Carlson was a “Kremlin agent” of the right, not of the current left.

At the same time, unlike his ultra-religious colleagues (like Sean Hannity), Carlson has always remained moderate. He advocated traditional values, but from a common sense perspective. Whether it was the culture wars or the gender wars.

Or real wars. Like Ukraine, whose Biden policy Tucker criticized mercilessly. And that is what irritated his opponents.

After all, they did not have to deal with a comical retrograde, but with a man of sharp mind and a very scathing pen. He had an excellent sense of how the modern information environment works.

That is why it is like a birthday party on the liberal channels in the U.S. today. The most excited were on the women’s show The View, hosted by actress Whoopi Goldberg. After saying that Carlson was personally responsible for undermining American democracy, they agreed that it was a good day for Ukraine. The host, they said, was the main purveyor of Russian propaganda. But liberals, as usual, are on their wavelength. Not in Russia, but in the United States, Carlson was the most popular anchor. “One of America’s conservative ideologues, Steve Bannon, called him “the pillar of the people’s voice.

What comes next is an open question. It is unclear how much time Carlson had left on his contract and whether Fox will pay him severance pay.

The royalties were enormous – over $30 million a year.

But either way, he’s now cable news’s most famous agent. You can either go freelance – to online shows or podcasts – or to the conservative Newsmax and NewsNation stations.

It’s not out of the question that Tucker will choose a political career. There has been talk that he might run for president in the future for years.

Anyway, all avenues are open.

What can’t be said for now former CNN host Don Lemon. Ironically, he parted ways with his job on the same day as Carlson. Lemon is his antipode and alter ego. Technically a liberal, non-traditional man, in work and life Lemon was capricious and intolerant of his colleagues. Especially women. Lemon’s ultra-liberal views aren’t much in demand on today’s CNN, either. It’s not just those who vote Republican that are sickened by a winning BLM.

So, following the instinct for self-preservation, U.S. television is trying to become more restrained. Only is it too late? Americans are scattered in the ideological trenches, and in every blue screen, the outlines of a gun sight can be guessed.

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