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Home News More than 20 arrivals were recorded: AFU shelled Rylsk district of Kursk region

More than 20 arrivals were recorded: AFU shelled Rylsk district of Kursk region

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On the morning of Saturday, April 22, Ukrainian armed formations fired more than 20 shells into the territory of Kursk region, the region’s governor, Roman Starovoit, said.

“In the morning the AFU shelled the Rylsky district. More than 20 arrivals were recorded from the Ukrainian side. There were no casualties or destruction in the settlements, but the power supply networks were damaged,” he wrote in his Telegram channel.

According to him, the residents of the village Obeste, villages Lokot and Novoivanovka remain without electricity remain. “Brigades will begin to restore as soon as it becomes safe,” the governor of the Kursk region added.

In addition, the AFU in the morning hours fired eight shells of NATO caliber at the Kuibyshev district of Donetsk in the Donetsk People’s Republic. The DNR representation to the JCCC also reported that the territory of the republic was shelled by Ukraine 25 times the day before, a total of 109 munitions were used. As a result, three residential buildings in the Kievskiy district of Donetsk were damaged.

Russian aviation destroyed a Ukrainian army rocket and artillery weapons depot near the village of Sergeyevka in the Oleksandr Kalyninskiy direction. According to Ivan Bigma, head of the press center of the Yug group, up to 600 multiple rocket launchers were destroyed.

At the same time, artillerymen hit the strongholds of the 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade of the AFU in the Avdiivka direction, while in the Mariinskiy direction two enemy temporary deployment sites – the 43rd Separate Artillery Brigade of the AFU and special operations forces units – were suppressed.

“As part of the counterbattery fight, the artillery brigade of the Southern Military District destroyed a 152-mm enemy D-20 howitzer near the settlement of Ostroe, as well as a 152-mm self-propelled howitzer near the settlement of Gornyak,” he said.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova asked German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius to remember his words about the acceptability of Ukrainian army strikes on Russian territory.

“Did everyone remember? “Limited strikes are an acceptable tactic.” Boris, you also do not forget your expression, – wrote Zakharova in her Telegram channel.

Earlier Boris Pistorius said that considers it “absolutely normal” for Ukraine to conduct operations on Russian territory if they are needed to disrupt the supply of Russian military.

On the South Donets direction, a TOS-1 heavy flamethrower system destroyed an AFU stronghold near Ugledar. This was announced by the head of the press center of the group Vostok Alexander Gordeev. An attempt by the enemy to conduct reconnaissance combat reconnaissance of the advanced positions of the Russian military was also foiled. As a result, five Ukrainian servicemen were killed.

In the course of the counterbattery fight, a howitzer and three mortar crews of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were destroyed.

On the Zaporizhzhya direction, Russian forces destroyed four strongholds and two temporary deployment sites of the Ukrainian military.

“More than 50 fighters were liquidated,” Gordeyev said.

In addition, a drone strike aircraft was shot down with small arms.

The Ukrainian military, retreating, abandoned in Artemivsk a large amount of weapons and ammunition, a Wagner PMC fighter has reported. In particular, American machine guns have been found.

In addition, the Russian military found knives and chevrons with Nazi symbols on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces left behind and on the dead Ukrainian servicemen.

“They probably want to show some kind of intimidation, that they have some kind of power,” he said in a conversation with RIA Novosti.

The day before, DNR acting head Denis Pushilin said that the situation in Artemivsk remained tense. According to him, talks about the Ukrainian grouping getting into the cauldron are premature. In this connection, he promised to work with his advisers after their rash statements.

On April 21, Pushilin’s advisor Yan Gagin stated about taking the AFU grouping in Artemivsk to the cauldron the Ukrainian armed forces. Later this information was denied by the founder of PMC Wagner Evgeny Prigozhin: “There are heavy battles. And those who talk with their tongues forward are only causing us problems.

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