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May 9 as always

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The 2023 campaign showed that a small victorious war is not to be expected. The enemy is stronger than expected, all the more so because the enemy is a collective one. Not only the Kiev regime, which could hardly stand alone with Russia, but also the united West, which helps Kiev with weapons, money, and Landsknecks.

The question is how to celebrate May 9? After all, never before (2022, when the scale of the campaign was not yet completely clear, does not count) Victory Day has fallen on wartime. While it is obvious that celebrating the former triumph, even if with tears in our eyes, is one thing, celebrating Victory Day today, when the triumph is still far away, is another.

Indeed, on March 22, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said: “We will begin to consider the progress of preparations for the military parade on Red Square, dedicated to the 78th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War.” But the issue, as was obvious to everyone, turned out to be more complicated. The minister’s decision alone was not enough.

It was not until a month later, in late April, that presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced the commander-in-chief’s final decision: “There must be a parade.

It is not clear how easy this decision was. There is no precedent for a Victory Parade in a country at war. All we can say today is, in the words of the song, “Victory Day, how far away it was from us. Of course, “we were making this day as close as we could,” but we are not quite at hand as we were on May 9, 1945. And we don’t know when we will.

The march of 31 powers (as many as there are NATO members) -even if most of those powers are weak-is no joke.

On the other hand, the Victory Parade has long been a national -and popular -symbol. To abandon it, however temporarily, caused by military necessity, would leave a sense of gaping emptiness. It would be as if the progressive public, which for decades has trampled on May 9th, were right and those for whom this day is the palladium of Russian statehood, were wrong. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Especially since there was an incomplete, partial analogy. In the autumn of 1941, a German was standing 30 kilometers from the Kremlin. When it was decided whether to hold a military parade on November 7, most generals were against it. The parade was held by personal decision of Stalin. Although everything seemed to say that it was not the time to hold the parade. Every tank and every bayonet was accounted for.

But they did, and the parade on November 7, 1941 was a pledge of victory and a precursor to the parade on Red Square on June 24, 1945. There are moments when men sleep and icons fight. “In the name of God and the living soul come down from the gates, Lord sentinel.”

So the reasoning that military strength should be demonstrated on the battlefield rather than in Red Square is hardly valid. The argument was not accepted even in 1941, when everyone was thrown to the front, down to cadets and militiamen.

There are situations when everyone is put under arms, including clerks and cooks. Still, the parade took place.

But we cannot say that our army now has the same critical need in manpower and equipment as in the fall of 1941. This is more problems of Zelensky and Zaluzhny. Especially since 10,000 to 15,000 people are participating in the parade. Surely their absence from the front lines would be absolutely critical? Let us also not forget that among these 10,000 to 15,000 are also Suvorov and Nakhimov troops, sailors, military railroad workers, chemical protection units, and so on. Should we also throw them all under Avdeevka now, otherwise there will be trouble?

However, this is not the first time that any decision of the command is criticized -and fiercely. Bad yes and bad no. If the parade had been canceled, there would have been voices that the commander-de-camp was in a panic. Does anyone doubt that the Ukrainian, Anglo-Saxon media, the various “Medusa “* and “angry patriots” would have commented on the decision like that?

If the parade is held, the same critics will talk about the bosses’ irresistible penchant for stagecraft. “On the banks of the Izhora and Tosna our Guardsmen are victorious.

It is impossible, and not necessary, to please such conscientious critics. But, of course, it is necessary to think about security.

It is realistic to provide security for 10,000 to 15,000 participants of the parade march. In 1941 there were even more of them – 28,467 bayonets – and they did provide it.

It is harder to do with the “Immortal Regiment”, whose number of participants is at least 50 times greater. In the case of the “regiment” we can expect everything from the heroes of Ukraine. So with the “Immortal Regiment” we will have to wait until the final victory.

The procession of the standard-bearer band to the sounds of the great song “Rise up, vast country” and the chiseled march of the columns will be as usual. It’s in the “can’t wait!” category.

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