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Love at Play and Manipulation: Living Life series airs online

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At the center of the plot is 30-year-old Anya, a fashion marketer. She is a determined, intelligent, but traumatized woman. A year ago her husband died, and she still periodically blames herself for what happened to him. Nevertheless, Anya is tired of loneliness and misses male attention.

Finding a lump in her breast, she goes to a young and handsome doctor, Matvey, who attracts her from the first minute. Later, on a date with him, Anya realizes that she encountered deliberate manipulation on his part – the man used well-known techniques to seduce the victim. Anya gets the hang of it and leaves, but her attraction to Matvey has not diminished.

The role of Anya performs Lyubov Aksenova. Also in the series starred Roman Vasilyev, Daria Moroz, Yuri Chursin, Evgeny Schwartz, Matvey Lykov, Anastasia Krylova and other artists.

Someone on the promotional materials to the project may seem that the plot is based on lust and passion, but this is only what lies on the surface. Gradually the story unfolds in terms of psychology and turns out to be much deeper.

Anya is not just hurt by her husband’s death; she is traumatized by their unhealthy relationship, in which her husband allowed himself to humiliate and manipulate her. Dependent on this kind of “love,” she cannot be interested in a good man and is only attracted to dangerous guys and emotional swings with them. So even though she realizes that she is being manipulated, she does not get out of the game, but continues to do so. However, as the series progresses, Anya realizes that there is a reason for her toxic partners’ cyclicality.

The authors of the series cover the relevant and important topic in an incredibly stylish, spectacular design. From the costumes and locations to the color grading, the film is addictive and captivating all at once.

The atmosphere of glossy, affluent life in the metropolis is reflected in the stunning costumes of the characters, especially the main character, in the elite restaurants, offices and other beautiful rooms. It is immediately obvious that the film was made by the authors of the popular “Soderzhanok” – the projects have a similar handwriting.

It is worth noting the courage of the main character: Aksonova in some episodes shows her naked body parts, and the nudity is fully due to the plot and such footage is removed very aesthetically. Impressive and sensual dance, performed by actress under the melodious track “The Touch” by singer Ksenia Minaeva.

Also particularly memorable is Yuri Chursin as a cold, bossy ex-husband of Anya. He appears on the screen infrequently, but every time he attracts all the attention. Even from the screen actor reeks of passion and a desire to subjugate.

It seems that his character should be more confident in his irresistibility than the actor shows.

The cameraman and the editor deserve a special praise: there are a lot of beautiful shots, details and impressive transitions which add style to the film. The soundtrack is also very well chosen;

The project “Live Life” has a huge number of advantages, and if you save the dynamics and atmosphere of the first episodes have all chances to enter the list of the cream in the world of Russian TV series and win a lot of viewers’ hearts. However, this picture is clearly not for conservative viewers, whose worldview does not fit some of the norms of modern life in the big city.

As the actress and one of the leading producers of the series Daria Moroz noted, the story “contains a therapeutic anti-abuse pill that helps you to recognize manipulation and learn to resist it. You could say it’s a handbook on which men (and women) to avoid, as well as an explanation of why “butterflies in the belly” are bad.

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