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He was talented in many ways: How Valentin Yudashkin will be remembered

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On Tuesday, May 2, it became known about the death of the Soviet and Russian fashion designer, People’s Artist of Russia Valentin Yudashkin. He was 59 years old. The information was confirmed by the press service of the designer’s fashion house.

“Yes, we confirm the information that Yudashkin is gone,” a spokesman told TASS.

According to the portal “Gazeta.Ru”, in 2016, Valentin Yudashkin was diagnosed with cancer, which he had been fighting for the past few years. In March 2023, it was reported that doctors gave encouraging prognoses about the fashion designer’s condition.

His colleagues and other cultural figures expressed their condolences on Valentin Yudashkin’s death.

Fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev in talking with recalled Yudashkin’s multifaceted creativity and stressed that he was a talented man “in many guises.

“Valentin Abramovich Yudashkin was a very talented Russian fashion designer who created in the style of glamorous maximalism. He was talented in many ways: he designed uniforms for the Russian army and twice for the Russian national team at the Olympics. He designed perfumes and jewelry, he designed plays,” says Vasiliev.

He also recalled the beginning of Valentin Yudashkin’s creative path.

“I started as a hairdresser in the fashion house of another master, the recently deceased Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Zaitsev. Several times he replaced me in the “Fashion Verdict” program as a judge. He was a very affectionate, ingratiating, charming man. And his name, of course, will not die, as his case will be continued by his daughter, “- said Alexander Vasiliev.

Stylist and designer Vladislav Lisovets in conversation with called Yudashkin “a man of incredible culture” and noted that his death is a tragedy for the entire country.

“Since the early 1990s, this is the man who helped all the artists look luxurious, who offered them his outfits. The man who represented Russia in the West, arranged shows… A man of incredible culture, intelligent. So this is a tragedy for the country,” stressed the interlocutor;

Elena Drapeko, deputy and first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture, noted that “Yudashkin was a very bright figure” not only in fashion but also in culture in general;

“A lot of cultural figures were friends with him. Each of his shows was a theatrical show that everyone rushed to see at least on TV. It was a shame, because Valentin was loved. Loved him like a human being, many people were very attached to him. My sincere condolences to his family, relatives, and, of course, to his admirers,” quotes the deputy.

Singer Nikolai Baskov on his page in the social network called Yudashkin a legend of the world fashion, an amazing man and friend.

“My deepest condolences to the family, loved ones and all fans of the genius,” the message also said.

Fashion designer Tatiana Kotegova Valentin Yudashkin was remembered as an easy-going and benevolent man. She also noted his hard work.

“Yudashkin’s way was very difficult. He walked to his peak for many years, and the collections were unique. He showed them in Paris, and Paris applauded him. And even when he was already sick, all the same the fashion house continued to work, the collections were presented at fashion shows, “- quotes the words Kotegova Channel 5.

Valentin Yudashkin was born on October 14, 1963 in Odintsovsky District of Moscow Region. Despite the fact that the future designer was already cutting and sewing according to his own drawings, his parents did not immediately approve of their son’s choice.

Yudashkin enrolled at the Moscow Industrial Technical School, but he had to leave his studies because of his compulsory military service. After he was demobilized, he returned to his studies and graduated with distinction. Yudashkin interned at Vyacheslav Zaitsev’s Fashion House, and after receiving his diploma, he was assigned to the Central Design Bureau of the Ministry of Domestic Services of the RSFSR as a senior artist.

Valentin Yudashkin’s first exhibition was held in 1987. The designer’s collection “Initial Russia” consisted of more than 150 different dresses.

In 1991 Yudashkin was invited to the Paris Couture Week, where he presented his collection “Faberge”. One of his works, a dress in the form of an egg by Faberge, was given to the Louvre Museum. His work is also in the California Fashion Museum. Yudashkin was elected a corresponding member of the Paris Couture Syndicate.

In 1993 he founded Valentin Yudashkin fashion house in Moscow, which specializes in exclusive clothes, accessories, jewelry and interior decoration. Later the designer opened the brand Yudashkin Jeans, which produces casual wear.

Valentin Yudashkin repeatedly designed collections for the Russian Olympic team. He also collaborated with many famous brands, such as Disney, Faberlic, Aeroflot. Yudashkin’s brand is represented in many countries, including Italy, France, Bulgaria and the USA.

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