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He has partial memory loss: Basketball player Shved attacked after CSKA’s departure from the VTB United League

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CSKA guard Alexei Shved was hospitalized with a head injury and will not be able to help his team win the VTB United League bronze medal.

On the evening of May 1, a group of young men attacked Shved as he and his wife were leaving a downtown Moscow restaurant called June. This incident happened on the same day that the Army team for the first time in its history failed to make it to the United League finals, disappointing not only itself, but also a large army of fans. CSKA lost at home to Lokomotiv-Kuban in overtime, 100-103. The Swede played nearly 38 minutes and scored 22 points.

According to one theory, the Red and Blue’s unsuccessful performance was the cause of the incident. According to some media reports, the company of four or five people who happened to be in the same institution as Alexei may have lost a large sum on the betting. They were sitting in the next room and, it seems, when they saw the athlete, they decided to express their grievances to him.

“The basketball player was not drunk. The company had ordered a table for a large number of people, but many did not come, so they had problems with the administration of the restaurant,” explained the source to RIA Novosti.

According to the player’s agent Obrad Fimich, the were in an inadequate state when they began to molest the defender and his wife.

“My client was aware of this, so he wanted to separate quietly, as he is a modest and peaceful person in his own right. But the men were determined to start a fight of four or five against one. As a result, after the blows to the head Alexei fell down, also hitting the sidewalk. He received an open penetrating head injury with fractures of the skull bones and a contusion of the brain,” said Fimich.

According to the agent, Shved’s injuries were very serious and it was a miracle he survived.

“Perhaps it was the fact that he’s a professional athlete who trains every day at the limit of his abilities that helped. What would have happened if he was just an untrained person?” – Fimich added.

According to “Sport-Express”, Shved was unconscious for about 20 minutes after hitting the sidewalk. In the hospital, the player was diagnosed with retrograde amnesia: he does not remember all of Monday’s events. CSKA President Andrei Vatutin confirmed this information.

“The injuries are quite serious. As far as I know, the investigations are not complete yet and the final diagnosis will be today or tomorrow, maybe a little later. It takes time to do more research. There are injuries that have already been documented. I know he had partial memory loss,” he said.

Police officers are searching for the attackers. The police said they instituted criminal proceedings on the grounds of the crime under Part 3 Article 111 of the Criminal Code (intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm committed by a group of people). The punishment will depend on how serious Alexei’s injury is.

“The police are currently investigating all the circumstances of the incident and the persons involved,” said Russian Interior Ministry spokeswoman Irina Volk.

At the same time, according to the media, the identity of some of the attackers has already established. And according to Telegram channels, one of the attackers even called Shved with a proposal to solve the issue peacefully.

CSKA promised to provide the athlete with all necessary assistance to recover from the injury. As Vatutin noted, no one will rush him out of the hospital.

“How long will it take? That’s not a question for me, it should be addressed to the doctors. Alexei is in a medical facility. I think it will take time. Do you know the attackers’ motives? Not to me, not yet. The priority is the player’s health. We are in contact with the clinic. We’ll do everything possible for Alexei to recover and to find his friends,” – said the specialist.

It should be noted that this is not the first time CSKA basketball representatives have been attacked. In 2015, two unknown assailants beat up Vatutin himself as he was leaving a grocery store. He was hospitalized with multiple head and hand injuries.

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