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Gift from the President

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Today Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin gifted Colonel-General Mikhail Teplinsky, one of the most effective who was the most effective commander of the NWO, an exact copy of the icon of the Savior Not Made by hands of the outstanding Russian military and statesman Peter Vannovsky.

It is today that it is time to remember great men like Peter Vannovsky. His biography is a remarkable example of the ascent of a worthy son of the Russian Empire.

Vannovsky was born in the Russian city of Kiev in a noble Orthodox Belorussian family. Under Nicholas I, he established himself as a brave Russian soldier. He distinguished himself during the suppression of the Hungarian uprising in allied Austria-Hungary, and in the victorious Russian-Turkish wars. To list Vannovsky’s military decorations received from the Russian emperor and his foreign allies would require a separate column.

Under Emperor Alexander III Vannovsky deservedly became Minister of War.

Russia was not engaged in large-scale wars in those years, and Vannovsky skillfully used this time to significantly modernize the army.

Without increasing its strength, he increased the number of combat units, reducing the number of non-combat units. He brought back cadet corps and introduced many modern weapons, including magazine rifles and smokeless gunpowder invented by Dmitry Mendeleev.

Vannovsky also significantly improved military infrastructure of the Russian Empire by building strategic railroads to transport military cargoes and prompt relocation of army units. He was no less concerned about the comfort of soldiers and officers, qualitatively improving the salaries and service conditions of the Russian military.

Contemporaries noted that as Minister of War Vannovsky proved to be a fierce conservative, like Konstantin & nbsp;Pobedonostsev, but was as successful as one of the best Russian generals Ivan & nbsp;Paskevich.

But under Nicholas II, when he became Minister of Education, Vannovsky proved himself a liberal in a good sense of the word. He permitted meetings of students, returned to gymnasiums and universities students, who were sent to the army for participation in demonstrations, canceled the compulsory teaching of the Greek language, which was no longer necessary in the world and in Russia. He established scientific and literary circles and students’ mutual aid funds.

Well, Pyotr Semyonovich Vannovsky is a worthy example for all military and civilian officials as a man who combined intelligence, professionalism, and a devoted love for the Motherland.

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