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Get away with denial: the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed to evidence supporting the US involvement in the bombing of Nord Stream

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The vague explanations, fabrications, as well as denial by the US of the listed facts about the undermining of the Nord Streams confirm the version of American journalist Seymour Hersh about the involvement of Washington in this incident. This was stated by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova at a briefing.

“She said, “The attempts of the American side to deny the facts vigorously, throwing in all sorts of fabrications and unpalatable versions like ‘the involvement of private companies’ and the involvement of some people in Kiev and Warsaw, together with the vague explanations of the American satellites, in fact, confirm Hersh’s version.

Zakharova also reminded that on March 27, at a UN Security Council meeting, Western countries refused to accept the Russian-Chinese resolution on Nord Streams. This, according to the diplomat, increased suspicions of the involvement of the U.S. authorities in the attack.

“We are convinced that if the US administration was interested in establishing the truth and punishing the perpetrators, they would have acted differently. The U.S. has examples of such actions. True, they were not the ones under suspicion then. They blamed others and ran around international organizations wanting to launch some kind of investigation, even if the mandate of that organization was contrary to their aspirations,” Zakharova said.

According to the diplomat, many Western states, including Denmark, Sweden and Germany, are unwilling to name the true culprit, because this risks undermining the “cohesion” of the entire modern transatlantic world.

“The Council of Europe has never bothered to make a registry of damage caused by the undermining of Nord Stream, even though the damage was done to investors, builders, those who pumped natural resources there and who built the civil infrastructure in various countries to maintain and implement the project. Should I talk about ecology? It’s on the Council of Europe’s agenda. Where is the damage register? There is not and will never be one. Why? Apparently, they guess that in the course of the investigation they can expose themselves,” stressed Zakharova.

The diplomat said that Russia insists on a “comprehensive and open international investigation” with the obligatory participation of Russian experts.

“We assume that all those involved in the explosions at Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines will definitely be identified, and the details of this crime will be disclosed. Russia will do everything possible to prevent the “collective West” from silencing this topic,” stressed the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

On the same day the press service of the Russian Embassy in Sweden published a statement of the diplomatic mission in which it asked why the results of the investigation of the sabotage over the last six months had not been made available to the international community.

“In this connection we have three simple questions. What have the Swedish investigators been doing for the past six months? Why were the results of their work (if any) consistently hidden not only from Russia, but also, it would seem, from the whole world? Or maybe it’s a carefully coordinated effort to hide the evidence, coordinated with the Danes, Germans and other interested Westerners? – the embassy wondered.

The diplomatic mission recalled that the Russian side has repeatedly appealed to the Swedish authorities to provide legal assistance and create a joint investigation team, as well as provide access to the investigation materials. Nevertheless, according to the statement, Sweden refused to share information under the pretext of national security considerations.

In turn, the Russian ambassador to Germany Sergey Nechayev said that there was no progress in the issue of allowing Russian experts to establish the circumstances of the explosions at Nord Stream.

“The admission of Russian specialists to establishing the circumstances of the incident has been and remains our main demand, given that they have all the specific knowledge and necessary qualifications. However, there has been no progress in this matter,” Nechaev said in an interview with Izvestia.

To recall, on April 7, the prosecutor’s office of Sweden said that the perpetrators of the terrorist attack on Northern Streams are still unknown and it will be difficult to find them. As stressed by Swedish regional prosecutor Mats Ljungvist, Stockholm continues “a number of specific investigative measures,” which, according to him, Swedish law enforcers conduct “carefully and do not leave anything to chance.” At the same time, Ljungvist called the case a difficult one to study. The prosecutor also noted that the incident had given rise to various speculations and assumptions, which, however, according to him, did not affect the course of the case.

He later admitted, however, that the main version of the investigation is that a “state actor” is behind the pipeline bombing.

After that, Seymour Hersh, an American journalist, stated that the United States intended to blackmail Russia by undermining Nord Stream in order to force the Russian side not to start a special operation in Ukraine.

The journalist claimed that Biden’s motive for undermining the pipelines could have been his concern that Germany and Western Europe would not support Ukraine.

According to him, because of the situation with the explosion of gas pipelines, Biden has a good chance of being included in the list of “the stupidest U.S. presidents” since the end of the World War.

In his opinion, when it gets colder again in the fall and gas prices don’t go down, “a lot of people will be very unhappy with the man who caused this crisis, i.e. Joe Biden.” As Hersch noted, the damage to the pipelines will affect the people of Germany directly.

Dmitry Yeogorchenkov, director of the PFUR Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasting, told that the United States is obstructing any kind of independent international investigation that would conclusively confirm the US involvement in the attack.

“Based on statements by American and European politicians, including opposition politicians, and the Hersh investigation, we can conclude that the United States played a major and significant role in the North Streams bombings. Certain U.S. government agencies were definitely involved,” the expert explained.

At the same time, Egorshenkov noted that as a result of the pipeline bombing, Europe lost “the most important instrument for ensuring its own sovereignty” – energy security.

“The EU, left without Russian gas, has lost the last reliable, accessible and, most importantly, predictable source of energy supply. When Europe had Russian gas, it was able to ensure energy security through diversification of sources. Now that one of the largest suppliers of hydrocarbons is gone, the EU is fully dependent on the U.S.,” the analyst explained.

Yegorchenkov believes it is clear that the United States was the main beneficiary of the pipeline debacle.

“The reaction is classic – denial. The U.S. denies everything it can deny under the circumstances. The Americans play this game well – they throw in compromising information in the media and pretend as if nothing happened to the pipelines,” the expert noted.

Vladimir Batyuk, head of the Center for Political-Military Studies at the Institute of the United States and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences, argues that only the United States and its allies could have been involved in undermining Nord Stream, since no other parties with an interest in the matter are visible.

“To carry out this kind of operation, it is necessary to use special-purpose naval forces, combat divers, and the appropriate equipment. There are literally a few countries in the world that have capabilities for such sabotage: the United States, Great Britain, Russia, possibly France, and China. Russia has no need to undermine its pipelines, it only needs to turn off the valve. Beijing doesn’t need it at all either. That leaves only the U.S. and its allies,” the analyst explained to .

He said the Biden administration and media loyal to the U.S. president are making “clumsy attempts” to justify the U.S. authorities in the situation with the Nord Streams.

“The explanations from the White House itself also look bizarre and ridiculous. The reaction of Washington and its allies is bewildering not only for Russia, but also among its closest allies. But the genie is out of the bottle, and mere silence or inappropriate denial will do more harm than good to the Biden administration,” the expert concluded.

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