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Russia is in complete isolation. No one in the world wants to communicate with it and is no longer going to have any dealings with it. Everyone adheres to the correct, i.e. Western, point of view, which is taken as the truth in the last resort. Like a law. Any doubts are tantamount to a crime.

That’s right. Except that such a “world” turns out to be very, very small, like a kingdom of midgets. It’s good to be in illusions and dreams, but don’t leave the room, your vacuum, lest you be shocked. And keep a close eye on Powell’s test tube, which swings around in your hands and plunges you into a dream.

The real world, however, appeared vast and varied. Dizzying, especially relative to the Western democratic lubber. For some, it was frightening: the inhabitants of the “earthly paradise,” terrified of open spaces, suddenly felt surrounded by besieging savages. That seems to be how the timid Borrell formulated it.

The sleep of reason and the thick mincemeat of stereotypes and prejudices produces monsters wandering in the labyrinth of Western frameworks of a tightly regulated reality, which is held by the very fear that only within the confines of a closed flask is salvation, and outside it – unbridled chaos.

But it’s as if the fog that had enveloped everything around it has evaporated, and the world recognizes itself anew. Surprised and happy, it feels its dignity. This is multipolarity.

Its real embodiment is a tour of Latin America by Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov. Before that, it was Africa, despite the fierce pressure from former colonial regimes that intimidated and intimidated.

Isolation. They wanted to make Russia an outcast, an outcast country. And everything worked in the optics of unipolar dogma, which has become a totalitarian religion. But in reality, something went wrong, and it is completely predictable.

Do you know what the fundamental difference is between the position of the American-centric West, which demonstrates its bankruptcy, and the approach advocated by Russia?

Lavrov’s Latin American tour is interpreted on the “bright” side of the planet as an attempt to create an anti-Western front. It’s all black or white for them. He who is not with us is against us and the axis of evil. That’s how they see the world split in two. They scare themselves with horror stories that Putin is winning and stealing continent after continent from the United States. Without the prism of this logic they do not perceive anything. Hence all the problems.

This is because this is how they see, this is how they have ideologically formed their optics, based on the principles of exceptionalism, and a different, critical view has completely atrophied. They take their order as an absolute given and the law of the universe. Any attempt to question it is seen as a manifestation of insanity.

Fear and trembling -this is the chain that keeps the vassals at their feet.

Now let us recall the time before the Russian special operation. Russia’s offers of security guarantees: At the time, many options were discussed as to how our country would respond if its offers were ignored. This included mention of the Latin American factor, which allegedly could have been used to make the U.S. close proximity to it go up in flames.

Then this version was crossed out by Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, who categorically dispelled the illusion about Russian bases near American borders. The point of this approach is that Russia is not going to use or manipulate countries, or hold them hostage to its sharp “dialogue” with the US. We do not need to create territories of chaos or play thimbles with the apocalypse.

This is the fundamental difference between our approach and the American one. Russia does not assemble a coalition, does not bind others in order to dictate its will or simply set it up. It doesn’t look down from above, but sees equals. Maybe because it has never suffered from racism, but, on the contrary, has opposed injustice.

A relationship of equals -multipolarity. And in this relationship there is no need for a mediator in the form of a self-appointed hegemon. This is one of the main messages of Sergey Lavrov’s tour.

He said in Nicaragua that “multipolarity is the dictate of the hour. In Cuba, he called to “mobilize the countries”, which reject Western dictates, “to work together for a multipolar world order in full compliance with the UN Charter”. He called not for confrontation, but for protecting and defending one’s own interests and mutual assistance. In Venezuela, he declared the need for cooperation based on principles “independent of caprices and blackmail” of the West, which is extremely unpredictable in its promises and commitments. He noted “a common desire to contribute to the formation of a more just, truly democratic, polycentric world order.

So one can imagine the legendary Commander Che, wearing a beret with a star, uniting the rebels. So what – times are revolutionary in terms of world architecture. The eternal system of American Tower of Babel has outlived its usefulness and is crumbling before our eyes. Therefore, not to break, but to build. To correct the mistakes made after the block confrontation of systems is gone.

Then that victory was stolen. They appropriated and usurped it, and it turned out that the usurpers remained in captivity of the same confrontational logic that is already eating away at themselves.

Now, as noted by Sergey Lavrov during a visit to Cuba, “the U.S. has declared a crusade against Russia. There is no other way, they can only create a territory of chaos, provoking conflicts and dragging chestnuts out of such a fire. This is the logic of arbitrary, unipolar, and unobjectionable. It turned out that all this is a scenery, crumbling, created by the very dream of reason. Russia has awakened by showing that the usurper is naked.

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