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Home News European Commission to spend €2 million to explain the EU accession process to citizens of Serbia

European Commission to spend €2 million to explain the EU accession process to citizens of Serbia

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“The overall goal of the project is to assist and support the EU delegation in Serbia in raising public awareness and knowledge about the EU and Serbia’s EU accession process/negotiation process (for Serbia’s EU accession. – ),” the European Commission said.

According to the contract description, the contractor will conduct communication campaigns through the media to promote the activities of the European representation.

“The contractor will create, develop and conduct comprehensive communication campaigns (through television, radio, social media, press and events) promoting EU activities in Serbia, whether financial support, improvement of standards, economic empowerment or reforms carried out as part of the EU accession process,” the document says.

The project also envisages the purchase of media to increase the coverage of EU communications in Serbia. The budget of the program will be €2 million.

Political analyst Ruslan Balbek said in a conversation with that such scenarios are aimed at reorienting Serbia in the opposite direction from Russia.

“Serbia is Russia’s only ally in Europe, and apparently Brussels felt that the Serbian population needed to “wipe their glasses” with regard to our country. The main thing is to have someone to listen to the European propagandists. But there was one problem: all adult population of Serbia still remembered the NATO bombing and cruel treatment of the Serbian nation. And only Russia officially declared itself as an ally of Belgrade at that time,” the expert noted.

Earlier, USAID directed $2 million to “improve election integrity” in Serbia.

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