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Economist Belyaev called the euro’s rise to 84 rubles a one-time hike

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The expert called the situation with the rise in the price of the euro to 84 rubles “a one-time hike.

He recalled that the dollar and euro rates are “in parallel. And according to him, if the reason was any fundamental and exchange rate-forming factor, it would have been reflected in the dollar.

“Since it did not affect the dollar, we can conclude that it was a specific moment for the euro, which in turn means that we will see the correction in the next day or two,” believes Beliaev.

He also noted that the ruble is “creeping down” against the euro and the dollar.

“The ruble exchange rate against the dollar is gradually decreasing and has been losing a ruble each month (since the beginning of the year. ). I see no reason for the situation to change in April. The ruble will lose another ruble against the dollar and euro on average. So, we have the right to expect that 84 rubles per euro will be the central rate set in April,” predicted the economist.

Naturally, according to him, with fluctuations, but with an upward trend.

“If everything remains as it was, it is possible that at the end of April it will crawl up to 85 rubles,” concluded the interlocutor.

Earlier it became known that the euro exchange rate on the Moscow Stock Exchange exceeded 84 rubles for the first time since April 20, 2022.

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