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Home News Deputy Gusev urged to award cultural figures performing in the EDF zone

Deputy Gusev urged to award cultural figures performing in the EDF zone

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We have copies of the appeals to Russian Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at ‘s disposal.

“Artists, musicians, and cultural figures are performing at the call of their hearts in the SSO zone. Many on the front lines support our soldiers, collecting and handing over humanitarian aid and technical means to the soldiers of army units. They contribute to our victory,” emphasized Gusev.

According to him, the majority of cultural figures, speaking before the soldiers on the front line, “make a real feat and are worthy that the Motherland will honor them with awards.

According to parliamentarian’s opinion, for special merits in support of military service many of the cultural figures should receive not only titles, but also state awards.

The interlocutor of told that the all-Russian public movement “Cultural Front of Russia” maintains its own “white” register of cultural figures who travel to the North-Eastern Front.

But, as the deputy explained, such work should be carried out at the national level with the participation of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Defense.

“I suggest that you jointly prepare a list of cultural figures, the most worthy of state awards, and come up with a joint initiative to the President of Russia to award our artists, who perform in the zone of the North-East European War, the title of “Honored Artist”, “National Artist” and other state awards”, – says the text of the appeal;

It is noted that Gusev’s initiative was supported by the chairman of the Public Movement “Cultural Front of Russia”, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Development of Civil Society of the State Duma, People’s Artist of Russia Nikolay Burlyaev;

Earlier Gusev developed a bill in which, in particular, called to clarify the concept of “slot machine” because, according to him, many betting shops and betting shops use gaps in the legislation and carry out gaming activities outside the designated areas.

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