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Denmark will support the Task Force on Freezing and Seizing Assets

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As noted in the document, the contractors are to analyze data from public sources and help the FSTF in Ukraine to identify assets;

The task force was created by the European Commission in 2022 to ensure coordination within the EU on applying sanctions against Russian and Belarusian individuals.

“For the management of the Task Force on Freezing and Seizure of Assets (FSTF), the contractor is expected to collect data through open source intelligence method and provide the FSTF management with relevant information on persons of special interest identified by the beneficiary,” explained the Danish agency.

The information obtained is expected to supplement the evidence already available and allow the FSTF to improve its decision-making process regarding the prioritization of cases and next steps in ongoing investigations.

In addition, the executors’ responsibilities will include cooperation with the Ukrainian National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption. In particular, this includes providing “mentoring assistance” to the NACP to establish and clarify the ownership structure of assets of sanctioned individuals and organizations.

The Danish agency is ready to conclude a one-year contract and allocate €120,000 for its implementation;

According to Nikita Danyuk, Deputy Director of the PFUR Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts and member of the Public Chamber of Russia, Copenhagen is following the common European course with regard to the assets of Russians;

“Obviously, Denmark is doing this at the behest of the United States, NATO structures from Brussels. It seems to me that this is an attempt to impose secondary sanctions in Europe and freeze those assets that have businessmen and other people from our country or from the post-Soviet space associated with Russia,” the expert commented in a conversation with ;

At the same time, he stressed that the Western structures could have found the assets without such tenders, so there is a possibility that the application was published in order to absorb the money from the state budget;

Earlier it became known that the G7 countries agreed to continue blocking Russian assets until the conflict in Ukraine is resolved and Moscow pays compensation for damages.

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