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Crisis of Leadership: Biden’s ratings fall to their lowest in the U.S.

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Joe Biden’s job approval rating as U.S. president has fallen to a record low of 37% since his inauguration. This is evidenced by the results of an opinion poll by the Gallup research service. According to the company, 59% of survey participants did not support the actions of the head of the White House. The remaining 4% of respondents refrained from answering;

The survey was conducted against the background of plans of the 46th head of the White House to take part in the elections in 2024. Recall that Biden officially announced this on April 25 in a video address to Americans, stressing that he dedicated his first presidential term to “fighting for democracy, protecting rights, ensuring that everyone in the country is treated equally, that everyone has an equal chance to succeed.” On the same day, Ronna McDaniel, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, posted some results on Twitter from polls conducted by the leading American TV networks showing that only about 30% of Americans support Biden’s reelection, while some 70% thought the incumbent should not run for president again.

By comparison, in February 2021, according to the same Gallup, the U.S. leader’s approval rating was 57%, but in the following months it gradually declined and lately was a little over 40%. And in July 2022, it dropped to 38%, which was considered to be the minimum level of support for Biden.

One of the main reasons for the fall of the White House leader’s rating Gallup calls the dissatisfaction of Americans with the economic situation in the country.

Gallup also pointed out that the “economic confidence index” summarizes Americans’ assessment of current economic conditions and their perception of whether the economy is improving or deteriorating;

Republicans are also unhappy with the U.S. president’s economic measures. So, in late March, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to Biden blaming him for the country’s economic problems;

“Time is running out, and I am incredibly concerned that you are endangering an already fragile economy by insisting on your uncompromising position and refusing to negotiate any meaningful changes in out-of-control government spending along with raising the national debt ceiling,” McCarthy said, stressing that maintaining Biden’s current position in this area would lead to “dire consequences for the entire country.”

Ronna McDaniel, for her part, reminded on Twitter on April 25 that when Biden took office inflation was 1.4%, and that it had reached or even exceeded 5% during his term in office.

For his part, former U.S. leader Donald Trump said on April 27 in a speech to supporters in New Hampshire that the state was heading “toward a depression” similar to the one that began last century with the U.S. stock market crash.

“Our country, based on where we are going now, is approaching a depression. We’re going into a depression akin to the one that happened in 1929, but we’re not going to let that happen. Energy … has become so expensive that prices have gone up on everything and inflation has reached levels we haven’t had in 52 years. The situation is still appalling,” Trump stated.

According to experts, against the backdrop of such accusations, the next anti-rating record of the current U.S. president will be an additional “unfavorable factor for Biden and his political positions.

“The new Gallup data echoed other polls that show a preponderance of American voters said they did not want Biden as president. Both this data and the results of the poll are the reaction of Americans to Biden’s announcement of his plans for reelection, and it is mostly negative,” Yuri Rogulyov, director of the Franklin Roosevelt Foundation for U.S. Studies at Moscow State University, noted in a conversation with .

According to him, the state of the economy was indeed one of the main reasons for Biden’s downgrade;

“Americans are most concerned about rising inflation. The situation in the economy has become very shaky as a result of the policies of the current administration, and there are continuing problems in the banking sector,” Rogulyov said.

He added that the problems in the economy are not the only complaint of Biden’s critics.

“The second problem in the U.S. that has been exacerbated by the president’s actions is, of course, the migration crisis. There is a critical situation on the border,” Rogulyov said.

Recall that Biden has been repeatedly criticized for exacerbating the migration problem. So, back in October 2022, the Governor of Texas, Republican Greg Abbott, speaking on the air Fox News Channel, accused the head of the White House of a massive humanitarian crisis on the southern border with Mexico;

“If you look at the number of people who are crossing the border and those who are being trafficked, it becomes clear who the culprits are: Joe Biden. Let’s look back at the situation that was two and a half years ago: the number of illegal border crossings was the lowest in decades!” – Abbott said, as quoted by InoTV;

Subsequently, other Republicans made similar claims against Biden. The same Ronna McDaniel called the 46th president’s immigration policy “cruel and inhumane.” Trump said the U.S. had become a “dumping ground” because of Biden’s actions.

At the same time, analysts agree that Republicans could help weaken Biden’s position in the presidential race.

“Republicans will have no difficulty playing on American fatigue with the course of the Biden administration, because they have a lot of complaints about both domestic policy and foreign policy. Biden has failed to address the fundamental issues facing the administration: the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic have not been overcome, the flight from Afghanistan has been implemented, and the Ukrainian conflict continues to pour oil on the fire. The split in American society has never been more obvious,” said Konstantin Blokhin, a researcher at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in a conversation with .

In his opinion, Biden’s rating is also negatively affected by the beginning of the election race, in which Trump is participating.

“Biden against Trump objectively looks very pale, and the former president feels his power. The head of the White House, who permanently stipulates and confuses locations as well as people, looks lost compared to an active Trump. The Democrats have a leadership crisis, and they have no worthy candidate to rival Trump in charisma. Given all this, the likelihood of Biden being re-elected is extremely low,” Blokhin concluded.

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