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Complicated relationships and more infected: the creators of the series One of Us told about the second season of the project

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“One of Us” series creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazzin revealed some details about the second season of the project.

According to Druckmann, the authors were fully aware of the responsibility laid on them by the fans of the game when working on the first season of the tape. Filmmakers tried to follow the storyline of the source material and, according to the director and screenwriter, and judging by the ratings of the show, they were able to meet the expectations of fans. Druckmann said that they will follow the same pattern in working on the second season, but will improve some details, Deadline reports.

For his part, Craig Maisin clarified that the writers of the continuation will follow the existing story, but, as in the first season, will slightly depart from the plot of the original.

“We kept close to the original material. Sometimes we deviated, but overall it turned out great. So that’s not a process we intend to change in any way. We will continue to work hard on all fronts,” the screenwriter reported.

In addition, Maisin pointed out that the actors will have to train harder in preparation for the filming of the second season, because they are expected to be more active. According to the filmmaker, their physical data and abilities directly depend on the situation around: the more dangerous it becomes a post-apocalyptic world, the more power they need to confront evil.

“Even more effort will be required of our actors, noted Maisin. How will the physical parameters of their bodies be affected by age, the passage of time? How will they move, how will they fight? And what will happen as the world grows more violent and dangerous?”

In addition, the show’s writers will continue to develop the technology they use to create images of infected creatures.

“Also, we will definitely develop the technology we use. We’ve learned a lot, especially in terms of creating images of the infected and how best to present scenes involving them. We will continue to raise the bar higher and higher. It’s kind of a challenge for us,” Craig Maisin said.

Talking about the images of the infected people, Maisin said that in the first season with each new episode the viewer sees fewer and fewer infected people, and this is not by chance. According to the screenwriter, the authors thought about the continuation of the story in advance, so a lot was left for the future. The cinematographer promised that a lot of interesting things await the fans ahead and that in the new season the infected will be much more.

The continuation of the series became known back in January 2023. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will return to the roles of Joel and Ellie. As Craig Maisin told Deadline, Ellie will appear to viewers as a mature, 19-year-old.

As for Pedro Pascal, fans of the series know how Joel’s fate turned out in the original story. In the second installment of the video game, the character is killed by Abby, the daughter of the surgeon in the Cicada Squad, whom the protagonist shot while saving Ellie. However, it is not yet known whether Pedro Pascal’s character will meet the same fate in the HBO series or whether the writers will decide to rewrite the story, as Joel has become a fan favorite for the project. Craig Maisin stated that he is not afraid to kill off characters and clarified that the writers of the project do not consider themselves obligated to act solely within the source material. According to Variety, the show’s creators will experiment with the timeline in the second season. In addition, Neil Druckmann stated that the new series will not include the entire storyline of the second chapter of the video game.

Given the first season finale, future events will also focus on the relationship between Joel and Ellie. In an interview with Happy Sad Confused Ramsey revealed that she can’t wait to delve into the complex twists and turns of that relationship. The actress also admitted that she was excited about Ellie and Deena’s love story, which unfolded in the second video game.

In season two, viewers will see Joel’s brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna) and his wife Mary (Ruthina Wesley) again. Merle Dandridge may return to the role of Marlene, despite the fact that her character died in the final episode of the first season. In an interview with Elle magazine, the actress admitted that because of the non-linearity of the plot, viewers may see her in new episodes of the project – in the memories of other characters.

Filming of the second season should start in the next few months. Fans of the video game know that the plot of its second part is set in the northwestern United States. According to Deadline, filming will begin in Vancouver. At the moment, the second season is in the scriptwriting stage.

The filmmakers promise that the second part of the story will require more money, time and energy and (like the sequel to the first game) it will be more ambitious because of the setting, the visual effects, the large number of characters and the complexity of the story itself.

“The Last of Us” is a TV series based on the video game series The Last of Us.The first season is set in 2023, 20 years after a massive infestation of humans by cordyceps, a fungus that turns humans into monsters, occurred across the planet. Protagonist Joel and his girlfriend Tess negotiate a deal with the leader of the rebel organization Cicadas: they need to deliver 14-year-old Ellie, who is immune to the virus, outside the quarantine zone.

The first season was filmed in several Canadian cities and in the American states of Texas, Missouri and Wyoming.

The series has become one of HBO Max’s most popular projects. The first episode in a day watched by about 4.7 million viewers. Moreover, the audience has steadily increased and by the fourth series reached 7.5 million. The final, ninth episode of the first season on the day of the premiere was watched by 8.2 million.

The series starred Anna Torv, Melanie Lynskey, Jeffrey Pierce and Gabriel Luna, along with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.


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