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Chinese leader tells Zelensky about peace

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Finally, Zelensky waited for Xi Jinping to talk to him on the phone. For some reason, Ukraine and the West perceive this as a great diplomatic victory. Why -it’s hard to say. The president of China said absolutely nothing that Chinese diplomacy had never said before (except that he, like Ambassador Liu Shi, did not say that the status of the post-Soviet countries in international law was unclear). By the way, Xi Jinping did not refute Liu Shi directly, either.

There`s no need to read what Ukrainian and Western sources say about it – they will twist anything. But the Chinese document content of the conversation is quite detailed.

First of all, the Chinese leader reminded us that Beijing has been on the side of peace from the very beginning and that the main position on the Ukrainian crisis is to promote reconciliation and negotiations. In contrast to the collective West, which from the very beginning has staked on escalation and unrestrained arming of Ukraine. Given China’s traditionally mild and polite foreign policy tradition, “China … is not pouring oil on the fire, much less profiting from this crisis” is a direct indictment of the West for not only stoking the war, but also for actively profiting from the deaths of others.

Secondly, Xi Jinping did not fail to point out the existence of the document “China’s position on the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. And this document, after the ritualistic first paragraph, almost immediately states the following: “The security of one state cannot be ensured at the expense of the security of another, and regional security cannot be achieved by strengthening, much less expanding military blocs. Reasonable interests and legitimate security concerns of all countries must be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately. Actually, this is the main reason why Russia launched a special military operation – because our reasonable security concerns were completely ignored by the West, and Ukraine was actively militarized long before February 2022.

And another quote from this important document: “Instead of pouring oil on the fire and pumping up the confrontation, all sides should exercise prudence and restraint to avoid further escalation and the situation around Ukraine getting out of hand. It is important to support reciprocal steps by Moscow and Kiev in favor of restoring direct dialogue as soon as possible, gradually reducing tensions and completely stopping military action. This is exactly the opposite of what the West is doing. Let me remind you that the peace talks at our initiative began almost immediately after the start of the special military operation, but the West forbade Kiev to continue them.

And lastly, also directly contradicting everything we hear from the West and from Zelensky personally: “Cancel unilateral sanctions. Unilateral sanctions and increased pressure are not only counterproductive, but also create more and more problems. We will not allow any unilateral restrictive measures not authorized by the UN Security Council. There is nothing to add here.

In fact, this is exactly what the chairman of China was trying to convey to the Ukrainian president. That the only possible way out of any war is to negotiate peace. True friends of Ukraine are for peace. And the West benefits from war to the last Ukrainian.

Though there is little doubt that Zelensky himself knows it very well somewhere in his heart. He just benefits from the war to the last Ukrainian.

There is not the slightest doubt that the more the West presses China, the deeper and more diversified Russian-Chinese cooperation will become. And no one – not the United States, not the European Union, and certainly not Ukraine – will be able to destroy this cooperation.

Beijing’s position remains unchanged: Ukraine will not achieve anything militarily. In fact, this is the main result of Xi Jinping’s phone conversation with Zelensky.

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