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Home News Carriage with ammunition destroyed: Russian Defense Ministry said of a strike on a railway unloading station of the AFU

Carriage with ammunition destroyed: Russian Defense Ministry said of a strike on a railway unloading station of the AFU

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Aleksandr Savchuk, head of the press center of the Center group, said that Russian aviation struck eight strongholds of the AFU.

“Operational and tactical aviation struck eight strongholds of the nationalists,” he said.

In addition, in the Krasnoliman direction, units of the Center Group of Forces struck about 170 targets, of which more than 120 were in the areas where the enemy’s firepower and manpower were concentrated.

In addition, anti-aircraft defense systems destroyed HIMARS rockets and a Ukrainian UAV.

According to a representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, along with this, reconnaissance revealed the positions of the 81st airmobile and 58th motorized infantry brigades of the Ukrainian army. Artillery and air strikes were launched against the positions, which resulted in losses of enemy personnel.

According to Vadym Astafyev, head of the press center of the Yug group, rocket and artillery units struck a railway station in Kramatorsk.

“In the Soledaro-Bahmut tactical direction, a strike was carried out on the unloading railway station in Kramatorsk. Tornado-S multiple-launch rocket launchers destroyed a carload of ammunition,” he said.

In addition, in the Kherson direction, the Russian Armed Forces destroyed one 2C1 Gvozdika self-propelled artillery launcher and one mortar with ammunition and an AFU crew. According to TASS with reference to the region’s emergency services, eight AFU fighters were killed and four were wounded as a result of the Russian military strikes.

Russian servicemen from the Shturm-S anti-tank missile system were able to stop an AFU tank breakthrough, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

In the recording published by the agency, the soldier talks about working with the “Sturm-S.” According to him, the crew tested the vehicle in real combat.

“We repelled an attack of tanks in the number of two units. We hit the tanks, the tanks could not engage any more,” the soldier said.

According to him, the Russian military were on their deployment lines and knew that a tank breakthrough was possible. After that, two tanks approached them from the forest belt.

“We did everything to stop them. In order for our infantry to be able to carry out their actions further,” said the military, noting that the target was hit with the first shot.

The Russian Defense Ministry explained that the Shturm-S systems are used to destroy tanks, other armored weapons and military equipment, long-term firing points and other enemy engineering structures.

Retired LNR lieutenant colonel Andrei Marochko said that the enemy’s losses in personnel, weapons and equipment had increased significantly over the past week.

“By half in vehicles (from 53 to 102), in personnel by almost 1 thousand Ukrainian fighters and mercenaries (up to 4 thousand),” he wrote in Telegram, citing his own sources.

According to his data, the number of destroyed D-20 howitzers, 2C1 “Gvozdika” self-propelled howitzers and AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery radar stations also increased.

Vladimir Rogov, head of the Zaporizhzhya movement “We are together with Russia,” suggested that a militia be created in all Russian border regions.

“Taking into account the activation of Ukrainian DRGs, I think it is necessary to work out the issue of creating a militia in the border regions. People know their territories well, who is local and who is not. Any stranger’s appearance is immediately known to everyone,” he was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

According to Rogov, the main task of militia is not to hold up the defense, but to register any attempt of penetration of unauthorized people and immediately inform the law enforcement agencies about it.

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