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In St. Petersburg the number of supermarkets increased by 35% over the year

Photo by Alexander Eremin on Unsplash Most of all the number of supermarkets increased in St. Petersburg – by 35%. In April...


Readers’ favorite European train journeys: Travel

Photo by Z on Unsplash I recently took the sleeper train between Amsterdam and Vienna. On the way, I had a compartment to...


Chinese leader tells Zelensky about peace

Photo by Steve Leisher on Unsplash Finally, Zelensky waited for Xi Jinping to talk to him on the phone. For some reason, Ukraine...


Mikel Arteta says that Arsenal must continue to fight for the championship

Photo by Nathz Guardia on Unsplash Mikel Arteta believes Arsenal have kept the title race alive after returning to the Premier League summit...


How Did Healing Ourselves Get So Exhausting?

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A tram ride along the Belgian coast is this month’s featured rail route on The Guardian’s Belgium vacations page.

Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash Back in the late 19th century, Belgium was in the throes of railway mania. The mainline network...


Moldovan farmers demanded that the authorities impose a ban on grain imports from Ukraine

Photo by Eugene on Unsplash According to the association, if the Moldovan authorities do not promptly take such measures, the catastrophe of small...


King Charles’s visit to Hamburg, which has been devastated by allied bombing, is much more than a photo opportunity

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash When you take the long view at UK-German relations, this part of the king’s trip is at...


Blogger Mitroshina confessed to not paying taxes

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash “I admit error, some taxes were underpaid,” she stated. Mitroshina, accused of failing to pay 120 million rubles...