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Ankara vs. the United States

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Turkey’s chief police officer is really on fire. What we didn’t expect from anyone was him. We are used to harsh invectives from Recep Tayyip’s side, but here he is not a politician, but a minister, and quite a difficult direction – the Interior Ministry.

What is going on? Suleyman Soylu, head of the Turkish Interior Ministry, believes “that Europe no longer exists because it has become a pawn of the United States. The whole world hates America. The Turkish newspaper Aydınlık quotes him. That’s actually quite strong. Even stronger than Macron’s text about headless NATO and even “Do NOT be wassals of the US” of the same author. If only because Macron’s words imply that there is still some Europe. But then someone who is not the last person in the Turkish hierarchy comes along and says that it’s not like that, and that Europe as such no longer exists. It’s just another disparate group of countries “trying to keep their habits.

“There is no such thing as Europe. Don’t exaggerate it in your heads. There is America. Europe is a train in the column of America. There is nothing special about it,” Secretary Soylu said verbatim.

What does he draw that conclusion from? We are simply interested in how European affairs in general look a bit from the outside, from the shores of the Golden Horn. The picture appears to be that Europe, which has already surrendered some of its sovereignty to the US Democratic Party, is losing its own ego and influence over world processes. And everything would be fine – everyone chooses their own way of degradation in exchange for a piece of cash – but only their sovereign, America, is itself rapidly losing its reputation. In his words, largely because it “exploits a number of states, including African states.

But you and I know that it is not a number: America is trying to exploit practically the whole world, but only a few have begun to think about it and resist a little. Or at least loudly express their dissatisfaction.

We are also waiting for the elections in Turkey on May 14. The Turkish elite understands that their leader takes a separate stand on literally every position that is sensitive to Europe – and especially to the United States. And this, of course, concerns Russian-Turkish relations. So the U.S. is betting on removing Erdogan at the hands of the local opposition. This is their usual way of doing things. We are seeing this all over the place.

But the fact is that it used to be loudly hated by the United States mainly in the Arab and Muslim world, and now it is gaining momentum in other countries and on other continents.

The new U.S. administration has had its own hand in this. Particularly irritating to the inhabitants of the other world is the policy of “secondary” and “tertiary” sanctions without end and for any reason. The colonial practices, arrogance and rudeness with which the U.S. meddles in all affairs of states, thinking that for some reason they have the right to do so, are irritating.

And people are increasingly saying no. Even in Germany, at demonstrations against arms shipments to Ukraine, the old slogans from the 1960s – Ami, go home! This is also an indicator.

Somehow it’s becoming quite clear that America, while preaching about water, is drinking wine itself – and in large quantities. While ranting about international law, free competition, etc., it is Americans who violate literally every point of the “values” they impose as soon as it benefits them. There is practically no country that does not think about the fact that the dollar is being used as a weapon. That sanctions, not approved by the UN and therefore illegal, can be imposed against anyone at any time. Simply by the will of the United States.

If now, for example, sanctions are imposed on Hungarians, i.e. straight to the EU, that would be a tipping point. After that there will be no need to talk about anything -everything is too beautiful as it is.

In fact, that is what the brief but emotional speech of the Turkish Minister of the Interior was about.

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